The Boundary Of Walls to the Boundry Of the World


‘’ My Journey begins when I was born apparently physical in this world and this travel of guide begins from the very first day of creation when the eternal soul was made, when there was a feeling before the voice …..To recognize one selves own soul’s originality & it is complicated but not impossible it has the most deep sleep in it with the tonic of reality where there is no place to fancy.

The boundary is basically the well worth of any character but it is like cage when one tries to peep outside the world toughly and interestingly so this cage will become the golden outside but the being in it will become rebel day by day. So the boundary goes in positive way and yet in the same in negative which can change nothing by free will because the fate is always the dominant one.

There is a huge difference between the limits and the boundary as the limits may abolished when they are acquainted but boundary can not unless the bonds of the thought must change

I have adopted hunger of knowledge and learning in my heart and soul genuinely to make sound of it to elaborate it in pre-occupation, in pre-existence, to predictably preparations of standard scope of life and literature.

I wonna explore the world in a different and in a very sublime and subtle way right now by considering date and by day out of congestion my personality is becoming an ice berg I eagerly need the vaccination of sub conscious to conscious, the stream consciousness of mine is knocking at the door day and night , peep out through window to get the wide image…….my imagination is the room of work shop, my thought is door to it and sometimes itself a house of so many characters having same face, figure, sight as I have.

This is a summon in the churchyard of heart where there is Lord deep inside gives your hand to me and takes wall as ever made, the strangest one ever seen any eye but mine the wall in a ocean and the ocean is about nothing but waves with conspicuous luminous halo purports to mine so that I can with stand on that wall of my dream that could the support the strongest enlighten color flow sometimes with stand times so beautiful so immense….how could it be explained??? It couldn’t be but one day I accomplish it …………………………..’’

This is a small monologue of a soul unborn, pre-existed and fate condemned philosophically sketched where the mystery, suspicion, eagerness of self knowing and the earnest desire to sprang in own world to be self made stated in harassment of being who is too tiny to capture the whole picture in an eye .

The purpose of dialogue of this soul is to understand and bounces the source of Existence and soul’s own role where there it is present. The Providence of life to soul is mystery till yet it is not known yet that what is soul how it is seems? Does it have shape, face, and figure any sort of solid productivity? If not that how it works to handle the body? How it maintain the relations with physical activities?

This karma is still a phenomena but through Holy Book we come across to know that Lord said ‘’ soul is by us’’ means the reality is just known by Creator himself we just can feel the mystery of it and certainly control by it’s  presence.

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  1. Flip Says:

    I was really confused, and this answered all my quteisons.

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