Brutes on Earth – The home land


It is incredibly the miracle that Man has created and sent on earth for the specific period to stay on , to work and to be the leader among the others living beings as he has the knowledge and mental caliber, which is not blessed to others.

Man is strange being, in himself there are lots of favors and lots other idosyncraisis. He has so many merits and demerits, qualities and disqualities, plus points and flaws of the character, hamerstia and the staunch elements.

However, he needs community to survive, need company to be involve in as it is his physic demand.

Man is designed to be cooperative being as well as generous and compassionate towards the activities of life which will the supportive and conductive for him and also for the society.

It is much alike that in every Era good and evil is together and they effect upon the life and literature of humans.

This is said that Knowledge is power that enlightened the ways and the human minds to penetrate upon the ways that will lead the success in both the worlds.

But Ignorance is considered sin, n in few places in the scripts of literature it is also said that Ignorance is bliss. In fact, Ignorance is sin …… I’ll go with that because self knowing, upgrade to know the others and the surrounding as well. When one begins learning about how to live, how to manage things around and how to serve others or how to treat with others it will guide the life towards the simple and straight path, where as if one just stays in the frame, that character obviously become the self centered or egoistic.

To be obstinate, ostentation is being static, that’s not dynamic. Flexibility conquers. Dynamacy is important because man is not the being that should be sustained to one existing point. Vocal point is okay for him but to be static is not fair.

Here comes now the topic under discussion which is BRUTES on earth, on this home land. That’s true that unless learning not is the weapon for the mind of human, he cannot browse or explore the world. Ignorance comes from the darkness it destroys the peaceful and the harmonious life to be lived on the phase of earth.

Brute is one who exploits the mind and soul. The one who can be the major cause for distortion and destruction, It is well said that

‘’ Exterminate all the Brutes’’

But it is also analyzed that the superior who thinks that other are brutes, the extremist himself is the major and leading one. All the people who are ignorant of their self knowledge and their self respect they are brutes. All the beings that do not learn and do not spread the features for learning all are brutes. Even the beings who scold the juniors for their ego, the people who eat the rights of their fellow beings and the deserving beings all are brutes. Brutes are seemingly the humans but inside they lack soul they are wolves merely or surely the beasts.

For brutes some major terminology should vindicate so that world has a corner for peace. Peace, tranquility, empathy and humanity have been crushed due to the foolish people and their brutal steps. The purposeless doings of brutes affects a lot the human phsye which we today suffering in the shape and feature of terrorism.

Brutality is not that one just tortures someone physically just to get power or command whatsoever for his will’s sake or for himself. It is more than that if superior ranked celebrity tortures mentally and damage psychology and it will ruin the whole life and complete personality of human.

To void the brutality, the torture cells and the system of law and order should be revised. Those who are showing their brutality openly must have the law so that innocents can live with equality, liberty and fertility.  The world knows the ways to bring the peace to the human ways but few are obstinate who are static and they have made the system the most critical and corrupt.

What we need the most we need the establishment of feeling and having the sense of empathy; to be in the situation the way other is. To feel it the way the one got the wound.

Brutes do not feel the same. Than what will be the results and how to bring the change, the question raised here one more which is every change is not acceptable and people do not accept the changes very easily where the ancient culture be cascaded and the imitators just follow it with knowing and having any genius reason.

Change in chain brings by persuasive and incredibly enforcement that tackle the reason and that teaches the logic, is needed. So we must have the intuitive, initiative to proceed, to change the world for the betterment not for the exploitation. Come; stand up for the mutual rights of humans, to fight against brutality and barbarism.

Fight against, barbarism, this brutality which is killing human mind and human spiritual peace which is stretching human far from religion, which is spoiling the coming generation, which is effecting the thinking that should be positive for certain development, which is nothing but the roar of ear that comes from evil.

Fight against; the will of goodness is not week to have war against this evil man made system, which taught false superiority, evil will of man to be fulfilled …….. This cage of slavery, this house of difference, this show off of shallowness should abolish now ……. Should remove now so far that we gonna be late and we the present beings also covert in history.

History that study by the later beings just for the sake of research and so on…it should change…Revolution ….need Red Revolution again to remove the brutality, this barbarism… Exterminate all the brutes….

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