Business Development Keys


Business Relationship Management Gaining clients’ confidence and trust in you and your company is key to developing good business relationships. Too often, consultants, sales people or other company representatives go into meetings like a team of ‘gangbusters’ deluging clients (or potential clients) with too much information and barely drawing breath.

Business Relationship Management Skills Creative Business writing everyone can finesse their Creative Writing and Report Writing skills. Our practical workshops explore easy ways to structure clear, persuasive and impactful messages, ones that fully engage with their readership. Creative Report Writing Customer Service How to deal with Customer Service Issues. Taking care of yourself and the Customer. Development Training for Front Line Staff, Teams, Phone Centers and anyone who has to interface with Customers. Customer Service Training; Pitching for Business Pitching for Business – The key to the programmers is “It’s you they buy”. The guy who comes in after you will likely have just as good a product, so can you forge a relationship which makes then prefer you over him? Pitching for BusinessWriting Effective Press Releases Here, we get you to think like journalists for the day, to help you to hook and engage your readers, to support you in understanding, practicing and crafting your next press release. To coin the cliché, we explore in a practical day all the ways you can ensure the maximum oxygen of publicity for your company or clients. Creative Writing Effective Press Releases Writing for the Web and Other Online Media Effective copywriting skills for today’s electronic media improve your communications; build relationships with your readership. Digital Copywriting


Advanced Presentation Skills Training Presentation skills training that will take you from being a capable presenter into becoming (with a little hard graft from you) one of the top presenters in your field. Advanced Presentation Skills Training Media Training – Media Skills Training Impact Factory Media Skills Training prepares you for every type of Media Experience – from the ferocity of Jeremy Paxman-like interviews to managing your role as a leading expert in your field. Media Training – Media Skills Training PowerPoint Presentation Training —-Presentation Training that focuses on building compelling PowerPoint Presentations Building Compelling PowerPoint Presentations Training, Presentation Skills Training From Basic to Advanced Presentation Courses and Effective Presentation Skills Training designed to help you ‘run’ a room, working with Individuality and Style, rather than learning how to present properly. Effective Presentation Skills Training Public Speaking. You can learn to enjoy Public Speaking and become far more effective at standing in front of a group of people and delivering a potent message, Public Speaking INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Assertiveness Training, Assertiveness Training that Develops Confidence and Self Esteem to Manage Conflict and handle Other People’s Aggression. Assertiveness Training Business Networking Skills Networking is all about Relationship Building. You need to make yourself and your company attractive to people in ways perhaps you hadn’t thought about before. This is about developing your business, not cramming it down someone’s throat.  Business Networking Skills ——-Communication Skills Training , Basic and Advanced Communication Skills Training designed to improve your Effective Communication and promote Interpersonal Relationships. Understand Communication Dynamics, Body Language (verbal and non verbal) to become a more effective communicator. Communication Skills Training Conflict Management Training, Conflict is necessary, but learning Conflict Resolution Skills can help you Deal Effectively with Disputes, Customer Service complaints, Disciplinaries and make Workplace Difficulties much easier to handle. Managing Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Disputes

Interview Skills Training ——-Interview Skills – An intensive day to ensure you make the most of your career opportunities. Become someone who enjoys interviews instead of facing them with dread. Interview Skills training —–Personal Impact Training Make the Impact you want and understand your body language and the Impact you make on others. Personal Impact. Stress Management Training……Dealing Effectively with Pressure and Stress and learning how to manage both Workplace and Home Life Stress. Stress Management Training Work Life Balance, A better title would be Life Work Balance. Learn to set priorities and run projects to make work fit your life not the other way around. Work Life Balance
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