Business in These Days


Usually, most of the people interested to do their own business because they believe that job is the most substantial reality. They worked much but gain short. Being jobain people prefer to learn or to snatch the ideas of organizations to be one day organization themselves. By learning of particular profession they can bound their own ideas by exploring the field. There must be people; infact mostly in this era, each person wants to be rich with in the time frame of night hours. As people believe today money is the most important and vital need that may purchase anything even humans themselves to some extend. Richness and money today foil cover to everything. One can cover’s his mistakes and faults by using it and rich people usually create logics against their every mistake and fault and they defend themselves by narrating their won pride pretending thoughts to hide their defaults.

Business these days is the most vital concern of humans. The elite class preference to the lower class man wish. Every one wants the successful business man. There are lots of grounds of business some are having business of eatables, some have business of materials, some have universal concern, most of famous and foremost running forwarding, imports and exports and most probably few like even adore to do the business of humans themselves.

Working is essential for those who are hard workers themselves else where it is key to those who use the hard workers for their benefits. They pretended to be semi or demy lords to have the power of attorney to control to their fellow beings to be strong among the others beings. Same as imperialistic approach somewhat.

Business is very interesting that makes human mind so sharp and wicked somewhat. It creates fantasies for the human mind to be rich as soon as possible. Few people become so successful due to their business dealings or their business concepts. Few people invest money and are depended on the marketing strategies to expand their business and they depend on the sale and product, supply chain procedures, their staff and their staff to work upon.

Approach of business people is somewhat awkward in third world country as they have mostly feudal mentality and ONE MAN SHOW attitude to make heavy their pockets by using the hard workers. They invest only for their greed and when they start earning good they just pay attention to establish their further links to build palaces or their balances in foreign banks that will only be theirs and benefit not only them but their forth coming races who do nothing just to penetrate in pride of their false world.

To run a country these days for our Politian’s, governors or the statesmen is also somewhat just a matter of increase or decrease of business. Their beliefs are stable just on the materials and substantially based on money making. This approach travels through this class to aristocratic society and so on.

Now a days jobain are sick due to the fact that if they have no good valid references or donations in form of money that they should submit to any organization as token to be apart of that career or organization so that if one join that place than should have better links to survive. Else where in a organization it is fashion these days that only counted hard workers pay attention on work else all just have chili mili (FUN) attitude towards their professions because they get money and al felicities just because of links and their this professional attitude and technical thought ironical enough.


We don’t need 3rd World War in this scientific

And technical growing period as we the people have little thoughts to fulfill our souls are fighting all day every day

Very day with such forces who are damaging the human interior and exterior fundamental structure for the actual

And true growth that’s why nations like us in

This era is just the slaves to the developed countries

What ever the imperialistic approach we have the new fashion for life we have to adopt else where we will remain the cheap livers or the people have no scope towards life.

Consequently, so easily the world can never change

We need GODOT here to help us out before that WORLD converts in business and business just become the spirit and concept of each new born.


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