‘All the world is stage and all of us are acting characters’ Shakespeare said these golden world earlier to express that this phase of life is just like bubble this is also his philosophy to some extend. Similarly life on the earth of humans is the name of rolling up adventures or several plotted stage drama. Any stage show has the major aspects and the portrayal of it must be succeeding by the characters portraying.

That’s true that characters always appreciated by the audiences when the writer of the character works so hard and creative artistic powers has been showered or shown to the story, plotting and the most important emphasis of character positively culcated.

Each story of the play, drama or stage show contains story around which the characters revolves. From the very beginning this concept is over viewed that there are always two types of characters. Evil characters as well as positive characters. This chemistry of evil and goodness expel the experiences and the ground realities around the characters. Most importantly it effects, cause damage or sustain the characters. What ever is the atmosphere or the environment the character have around that will build up or construct the major aspects of the characters.

This article relates with the actual characters and the story writer is no one but the DIVINE source and plotting is not fictitious but rather implemented over the deeds which helps or delves after death period so that plotting is the most vital as well because it has been controlled by the Fate. Similarly the characters respond.

Infact as the story has been always the major element and always wrote re-arranged and reset before any action to be taken so here the matter of discussion is very clear as well. The story of this earth beginning and ending is already stated and saved on the DIVINE BOOK with all the signs with all the characters with all the details. The difference is that Man is so timid creature compare to DIVINE source so his plots and his stories are timid as well and can’t cover the universal all in all things, where as DIVINTY can any thing by saying ( KUN FIA KOON ).

Man imitates its’ fate and DIVINE guidance in any way. So this universal truth and universal story has been originated by LORD to examine who will serve and who will not? Man himself is the creature who is bond to serve yet in same instance it neglects. The two major sources can effect. Being a character the reality of soul and truth should be recognized and should be templated. The character that is solid if the Writer wants to be him. Every story has the protagonist and plotting of the story revolves around him. Each story has villain as well that cause upheavals, create problems or want to snatch the fate of the protagonist from which he might be jealous of.

There are tragic characters though they are solid or based on truth. There are negative characters that have no certain reason to that but they remain the same as their Fate dominates so. Few one are good and sustain themselves to be and are the racing character who keep the pace on the track of life.

This is thought provoking that characters are ruin by the situations or by their inner thought, by reactions, by their desires, by wrong approaches or what??? As there are so many elements involve to damage a character or to make a character remunerable and unforgettable forever.

All characters by force of nature, and fate identity are different but the combination of good and evil for each character is always is there. Nevertheless, the reality shows and the caricatured beings are most probably the same. Original characters need the shed and the shadow of fairy characters must to be moving on. Folk tale characters, fairy tale characters, imagery beings all are possibly the work product of Man’s mind but they have emphasis and key role for lead roles.

There are lots to explain as a character one by one as the characterization is the most vital and the vastest theory to explain one can never fully understand the role or the character on humans that has bestowed by Lord. Imitation is humans’ key job to do as they always fulfill their curiosity by imitating the nature and its all phases.

‘Copy of copy’ that’s what Man’s essential job to do; characters are interesting though they may adorn different clothes over them while portraying the story. Characters which remain the positive and perform good acts remain in the memories of the others where as the characters that perform negative roles do also be in remembrance of people but as evilest and devilish.

Character makes the personality traits sufficiently enough that should be in focus for the story writer, for story teller and for the whole other impacts.

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