Child’s Education


Nothing you do occurs by chance; every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious at some level. In order to live in a civilized society, you have a tendency to hold back our urges and repress our impulses. However, these urges and impulses must be released in some way; they have a way of coming to the surface in disguised forms.

Human forms are not always remains the same but duly from the phase of birth to the leaning stages of growth of a human child. Though a child is little different in bodily growth in comparison to the younger ones but a child is a complete human structure at the age of 4 to 6. It’s just child sense of puberty which reaches at the age of 13 to 14.

A child is original form who can animate the innocence in a character shape. A child’s purity is the self ID of unconsciousness that speaks in the realistic truly sense. A child is a pure innocence and has originated in a liquid shape that can take any shape in real that could be vibrate or offer to a child as a environment or as in education training.

A child is Ape, though in imitation a child is very intellectual, the inspiration and motivation in child for the growth and to roam the world or to grasp the reality is very clear in child’s own world. As an expression a child is weak to elaborate his own world in a sane and intellectual way because for this he must need the orientation in conversation and a speech pace.

For this purpose to get own ID, identity knowledge, to get the status, to get the knowledge around of the world and to know own self purpose a child needs qualifications and education to not only know the materialistic world, metaphysical world, wonder of world or spiritual world.

Life is not a straight path that would be so easily understand by any self living being especially for a child. A child needs a specific caring shelter, a sense of protection and security to have alive consensus in this waking world.

Children are like roses full of innocence, purity, serenity and beauty in the garden of life which has roses up front but also the hidden thorns. Children need specific environment as the roses need the specific temperature to survive otherwise they will be wither away badly.

A child education is a worldwide thinkable element, they people who are having children more than they would enhance their good growth and treatments they are not raising them up the way children need. A parent couple who are having 4 to 5 children and the income source is not enough to support them or qualify them in the best possible way they don’t worth possibly good grooming of children in reverse when they become older and children in their full gloom they don’t pay heed to the parent rights and their duties well.

This is not only the matter of East or West, not only the matter of cultures or social systems or due to the economic systems this is because of the thinking calibers of each human couples that what they actually want from their lives and after their generations. Did they really want to recognize by the favorable deeds in this world and hereafter or they just spend the life on the universal said setups.

The support of elders and the imagination plotting, favorable inspirational projections for the growth and for the life directions and set the goal directives are very essential role for the children. This duty amplified over the parents (as they are the guardian and reason of their existence in this world) then to the social setups (collective effort of the intellectual norms as humans) then most importantly the teachers (the true soul raisers and the guardians of mind) and then the activities and the friendship relationships of children that simplify their sense of gain and confidence in their growth.

A child is complete figure of what human TO BE, they want to explore their surroundings as soon as possible and they want to express themselves in each aspect of life. For the better social system, the best goals achievements and for the identities of true human consensus a child should treat as the most important and focused image in human world as they are the future constructers and mega structures of human coming ages and to make the histories to be known on golden covers.

A child is figure who absorbs and observes then acts, child actions are not much graceful or mega illuminated but their imagination world is the Essence of Divine where there true self lives peacefully. The treatment of love, embrace and tranquility adds on their positive energies and qualities to be best as in human essence and to be fit in the race of the world.

For the upbringing of your children do adopt the best way, the best studies according to the child’s interest, and preach them the religion as well as the world’s knowledge so that they never be stay backward in the race of competition.

Children are not toys to play with their childhood and afterwards just glimpse them to the flow of the cruel time and life experiences to struggle and do efforts against the demonstrative Fate. They are responsibility of the parents, teachers and the society to keep away them from the turmoil and raise them in the best favorable way so that they will be the true constructive spirits in this world and attain their ultimate purpose and goal by animating their struggles in deserving fields.

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