‘’ I would be appreciated if column be completed by the end of this season; because each time has its seasonal effects and with the passage it changes the mode and also the mood…….’’

She gives a pause, not only in her speech but also in her gestures, her expressions becomes so still that sometimes  I feel she is someone, I closely know, she is someone to whom I can associates my learnings.

I said; ‘Yes mam, possibly not sure but my efforts predictably strengthened to reach to those ideal aspects……’’

Hmmmm….. Just little sound in her expression …… She adores the depth of her own emotions…… I rarely object over her small gestures till yet perhaps my habits make me so strong in bound to be obedient to such sounds even mostly to salience as well, because this matters a lot for the seasons’ delight I strongly gaze her hands the tips which were impatient playing with the drop of water which slowly slowly sliding down from the glass of water.

Gradually she paused in her actions and captured my gaze to follow my unique unasked questions. She smoothly uttered:

‘’ Ideal aspect…?’’

There was on enquiry in her expression, her eye brows how can forget her sense of suspicion to know everything, anything about or regarding. As she inquires….. I got an opportunity to answer ……

‘’ Yeah’, I said humbly and then continue saying,

‘’ Mam, ideal aspects in writings may rarely achieved by commons like me, so time consumes our thoughts as fuel to produce sound words that could cause effectiveness to our speeches…….’

Her eyes were still on my words as she is tearing me off from inside and want to grasp all whatever I kept deep in my heart. And she inquires again:

“So you need more time?’’

I stated,” Yes mam, and actually I want to explore myself more to write on this topic, because I can’t approach myself to explore to that height which I have idealize for this rare topic…….’’

‘Hmmm, she said and she continues, ‘’ Well if you wait for right time to produce the best it’s’ not harmless but if you are confused and failing in procrastination then it would be killing source for your existing thought to be captured.’’

‘You are right mam, I said, ‘I’m not pretending with myself but just questing own self’s best effort to introduced to the world and people will get inspirational purpose and motivation out of, a lesson that could change any one’s heart or the betterment that could be the best sign.’

‘Your sense for effort and your inspirational deed is good, so try you can get whatever you desire for’ she recommended in a humble tone.

I wonder her leaned attribute, she was boss, and she can control or demand out of or by showing off any attitude towards be. She can be anything in her rage, in her inquiry as whatever she does to me she remains harmless as she is boss and boss is always right.

But she was certain in her behavior she was giving me time to think to relax, I know her she never be like that about the writings when it comes to the matter of energy writings or for the unique ideas to be exposed off.

The flux here now deriving me deep to know that why she is not of her usual attribute, why she had not adopted the routine practice of communication? Hmm, perhaps she was not communicating with me but we were both exchanging conversations mutually over a topic.

As I was in my inner introspect and my conscience was trying to get some results, she suddenly drive my whole of celestial existence concentration towards herself, when she said

‘You are good in so many approaches but what lacks sometimes your luck to be at your side, when your efforts and fate both be your prestigious coin you be the one to roar, to conquest and to be get yourself the place you idealize to be deserved. You didn’t yet name the topic?’

‘I did, its’ ENGRAVED IN MIRROR…………’

‘Hmmm, Nice one, this could be the rarest of rest of your work done, might be, the topic itself expressed your metaphysical thinking bouncing……..Yeah your philosophy bounced so clearly here ….. Hmmm, Good one.’

This conversation of paused here when idea being fabricated in mind, and bossy conscience and consciousness realized the importance to elaborate it. This would be done once realized the splited energies, qualities of oneself sole inside. This phase of conversation remain untended and unended always when the plotting done with myself.

This is one part of character’s aspects; the character consumes and obtained so many other traits, sometimes there are no characters outside but inside and inner speeches, communications and conversations intentionally or unintentionally sounds aloud inside. They can be listened not by ears but conscience, consciousness and the grace of being alive as character the heart, tell tales a lot…………

Bossy self sometimes also converted as commoner when it comes to the manual for the master pieces, conversation is also an art of effectiveness that could allure and sounds the most charming as magic and magnetically exploring.

Do conversant, condensate and conversate yourself so often, loudly in alone or in salience in your heart it gives you ideas, inspirations, motivations and key identity to yourself by exploring your own traits of character whatever you be, whatever you are and you wanna be…………

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