These are strange enough to be acquired and enquire. To inquire them sometimes the death of self analysis and without them life is like a transparent glove. Some desires are like bubbles they prevail in mind or heart and they flew away so easily and human control over them is just like nothing but to be victim of them badly. Some desires are sand they can’t stay they keep burning and poring, some are like water a transparent water never ever grasp in hands never stay still never hold any where, never stay longer ………….

Few important desires of humans are definite to fulfill because then life of human just become an empty box that could be the just a coffin for a dead body not a surviving or living place for breathing creature. In such situations when desires may killed by the circumstances in deadly way that crushed human emotions so harshly that human memory or sentiments system may collapsed and human may consider the darker aspects the owing ones fit for him.

But in such situation the inner world may effective of such damage not the outer essence of nature because all the outer course the command of times stay at their own terms and conditions they been never be harmonized by the inner aspects of human desires infact humans should make their desires to obey the outer essence of nature of times, epoch and era…………..

Desires are keen and mostly interlinked with the emotions and sentiments, so the grooming of positive desires always grow the ideology and the growing idea of projects with passage of time and this is the essentiality for the human world. Keen desires are the one that should be fulfilled because they are vital for ageing. With the age of human they convert with the seasons and they adopt the changings with wheel of time which is must more important because man can’t me still like stone if human be the stone than no use of the emotions or desires with the stone ……………

Infact desires are like dreams of open eyes of conscience of human, the soul has image in shape in the mirror of inspirational desires, the motivational, expressionistic and impressionistic senses. They can be the best in sense of development for human work and they can be worst if they could be on the unestimated track that could be out of benefits.

Desires can be lead to the way of the success or can destroy one for extra expected character from the life that couldn’t be in one’s fate. The equilibrium of the tested desires is the most worthy that could never harm one’s expectations or way of actions, and actually such desires are the always the level of scaling for one’s character’s building and successful life ahead.

Little desires of sweet little kids are the most charming when they just wish to have a little toy to play and during playing with such toys they build the stories…. The craft man ship or creativity begins from that when a child start to web or knit strange ill-logical fantasies in their mind and in their little hearts for mature people and to their maturity such fantasies and fanatic but they perhaps forgot that in their childhood the prevailed the some to some extend ………….

Desires are the best land where mind gets so relaxed, such fun land or land of self ecstasy are the most cultivated for the self inner development. Desires must be balanced in shape of pragmatism, in shape of comparison with the reality and truth. Desires should be acquainted with the phase and frame of practice and exercise of building the desire into reality.

Desiring for impossible is human psychological fit of achieving limitless and beyond boundary where as pragmatism is out of it. Human vision, action of practice and sustaining quality of desiring the objects or Supremes, of success or of any of the keen longings they are good if they are guide for the life to be on the road of Divine support and for the better achievements that could advance human in this world and here after……….

Desires are good if they make life more colorful and realistic in the stage of maturity………….. They are sound if they would be achieved and fulfilled with the practical reality and they are sound enough to be fit in the frame of reality not just in the image of vision ………….

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