Dual Edge Sword


We heard from our ancestors that this world is dual edge sword, if cuts…… it cuts from both sides ……. This phrase….. it is revealing and has the quantative quality to explore the idea that really is this world is so cruel to be like dual edge sword? Yes it is to the sane people who use their intellect to know the hidden aspects of the time of times, of history, of consequences, of the purposes and results of wars, the battles over conflicts and religious aspects ………

This happened to the phase of earth that each epoch of times suffers with the ill treatments of bad inventions, the art of weaponry use, the arguments over conflicts and the sighs of the hopelessness of distressed life of human, in such consequences when people invested their intellect and struggles to destroy their own self in face or reflection of other human beings………

The reason of being negatively narrow in the sight and the mind prejudicial judgments in every era of happening, the war upon conflict and the battle upon the mental differences, the contradictions upon the nationwide skin differences and the congestion upon the infinity of human priceless existence in number get worse in measurement and few humans of political mind and structural constructional minds start plotting their mental false energy over the other puppet characters, they would like to play with the living puppets of blind fate culprits that would be more enhancing and rewarding to them in their sight right up here (In this mortal world).

The journey here to Eternity is not that easy and nevertheless it wouldn’t, it is chronic study of chronic world over the wings of dove. To gain Eternity, morality and modesty this course of world is hectic, tragic and dilemma. The illusions may convert to reality sometimes and disillusion courses are the science. The radiance of the soul reality is the earning Eternity, here the soul get wings on the radiant way out that is to say the moral of this whole breathing living story.

The geography of the secrets of human heart and its dense covers are the same of the illusionistic sight to be revealed. Human world is full of frets and fears though they come from outside of the Aura of Universe of from the inside of Aura of human soul both are harmless if they could be defended by the shield to revelation of reality and truth’s cloaks. They could be badly harmful if they couldn’t be judged better for defence.

The alliance for the human coverage for the better be the source of main stream in a balanced way is to be the on the track where extremes may be defaulted and disgraced easily. Any of the extremes though good or bad brought vanity in soul effort and dark illusions to the heart ways. So disgracing the extremes are the best efforts so far that could be safe and save mode for an individual and for the society.

The darkness weird the heart when it would be burned in anguish, deceptive components and fierce radiance that couldn’t advance anything but the individual or collective downfall. The nations, the troops, the men and the humans down fall starts when they make a beginning of ill human and anti human diverse doctrines that could ruin the humanity in total. The testability sustain the world to the limits where there the humanity last, the notability retain the world to the boundaries where there the kindness and tenderness conquest, the accountability contain the world to the foundries where there the exchange of positiveness invest.

The world is beautiful if its beauty be the sign of exploration for the positive sole element it would be the ugliest if just be mystically mysterious for the mental web of human to derive to the destructions instead of construction. Humans’ struggles are for constructions, for concentration to the world around to examine the true identity of living not to invent the ideas that would be beastial enough to give death to the major aim and vital most purpose of human being into existence.

This glass menagerie, is in decorative shape, some of the toys may attract for sudden change of desires but deceptively the could be destructive. Follow the path that could enhance and endears the favors for the inner saint to have the soul wings to fly over the unseen journey and falsified this time being existence in the Eternal most moral of success.

World is twofold reality, thus dual edge sword but it could favors for the field workers who are smart enough for the cultivations………Be a thinker, be a cultivator, saw a seed till the ripping up it will invest benefits for radiant ways………. Be oriented with radiance of light that could enlighten all the corners of inner home…….. Have courage for deeds that could invest for the other world here after this one, have strength to fearless for unseen frets and face the existence with the core sides, with diligence, with faith, with belief ………… Be a thinker, be a cultivator for the Eternal land ……..

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