Education is a journey to learn …..


Education is a learning Art, An Art which covers the practical approach through theoretical exercises. Education is key to open door towards the understanding to the known world and to the known world to the unknown world.

It strengthens the soul of learning and provides the ultimate goal to achieve and gives meaning to the human thinking and mind to divert and discriminate the innovative ideas towards the upbringing of human worldly life learning is of two major types, one leads the road to practical world and approaches pragmatic seen innovations, discoveries and mega structures.

Another, is theoretical it describes the truth, reality and doctrine to follow. It may be or not be the completely grasped by everyone. Because its effort is more difficult than the complications of seen pragmatic learning. The practical learning has a chain of several implemented exercised logic where as the theoretical study only through imagination psychic world and teaches morals and ethics.

The theoretical doctrines may challenge by humans different groups who have different thoughts and vibrations towards worldly life but to the enhanced world of pragmatic field education perhaps coverts on the logic and as the calculations remains common and usual upfront to human mind so different nations, different doctrines believes all gathered upon it.

Logic is one side of learning aspect and metaphorical reality is another. Both differs but speculatively remains the same up to the mind caliber level of understanding and skill to template it, will revealed or decreased to the scale of knowledge.

Multiple options come forth which taught different scale of knowledge according to the circumstances. Learning is input and output of the positive or negative experience proactive and of the screening stages. So far, the knowledge performs very much vital development for the upbringing of the learning. The difference or segregation of knowledge and learning is manipulated and pre-existed and pre-defined.

Learning is another name of practice and knowledge is another name of knowing the world around, it will be mutably challenging the doctrines, it is mostly theoretical though logical but not pragmatic. Consequently, what we prefer accordingly to the circumstances and consequences the most practical approach which shows results as compare to the transformation and mutable knowing.

Education is sister concern to learning, it is powerful if the learning bestow and flagged upon the correct pragmatic terms. Education is journey to learn and this journey continues in every aspect of life at every stage of life of human. Education is exploration of knowing the world and the starting up the lead role in the field of selection as per the skills and the talent one enfolds in his/her character or personality.

To learn is important, because learning and qualifications differentiates the literal and illiterate calibers, it make understand and to adopt the correct way on which one can template the good actions for the betterment of the sco-economical growth of human worldly life and here after.

Human born to learn, this motive is the most honorable of all other…………………

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