Essence of Main Major 6 C’s


    Conscience, Consciousness Connection, Connotation with Creator’s Commandments

Prophesies are nearly to be fulfilled the true ones and this just been prophesized by the Prophets of all times and ages by the Will of Creator. One of the most important reliable and prophesized connections is also subject to the development of the wheel of life, fate and time; the major sources that could uplift or down size the human efforts in disguise.

These three major aspects may be the blessing in disguise and flourish one with the golden spoon and golden paradise life on the phase of earth temporarily and even these are the same aspects that could be as vulgar, as tempest, as tsunami that could never forgive the circumstances plunged into the darkest corner of them .
One of the profound realities that the self consciousness/the self conscience is actually connected and alarmed with the Creator’s Providence, Dignity, Magnificence and Proof of Sound Existence.

The Creator in all aspects disguise as Light; though it is the Light of Sight, the Light of heavens or Earth or the whole Universe.

Rarely has it been originated that someone tries hard to be close to the Creator, as Creator is the most
Merciful, Beneficent and Most Kind so He THE DIVINE LIGHT is always nearer to His All Creations, especially the Crown Creation the Humans.

Infact He Himself says, ‘We are nearer than your juggler vein’ the closeness or the Presence of Divine in the whole Universe is obvious and very clear to the modern world of believers. The cause and effects are for the believers, the heathens and the pagans can’t be on the level where the faith consumers can…..

Now the Sufi aspect and the mystic major aspect is that the one whose heart consoles, council and condole the Remembrance of Lord will be on the guided path and once the guidance be upon oneself the self get aware of the mysteries of thine and mine. The heart is the major organ that consumes life circle and the light circle it is next and foremost important treasure of all.

Once the heart become alive with the power of believing than after the power of regular practice of remembrance, the self conscience is the key character of the light towards the road of guidance and route towards the firm faith and enlightens the mind with wisdom and Divine source of Knowledge.

The self awareness and awakening is that course and chapter of life that one fell asleep even than self journey continue towards the spiritual ways to understand the Creator’s given life and its tool to be more faithful and enhancing in practice for the better place in Lord’s Eye.

Similarly, whence the self conscience be on the guided and righteous path than the heart to mind the spiritual layers could convert the spiritual character whole in shape with the clothes of light and enters to the shut doors and even the darkest closed windows of mind. This spirit than also contains the free alliance and radiance towards the consciousness of human body and inner aspects.

The light is the source of mysteriously, uniquely and divinely motivational, spiritual, inspirational and innovational kinda spark that could be anything but essentially vital for the human life externally and internally.

When human open eyes the seeing light to the exterior to universe has the same depth as the human shut the eyes and got light to travel and see through the dreams or images light in both ways the light enlightens the core of the eye and make it see through things in appearance and as well in depth in reality.

When consciousness actually connected with Lord’s bestowed guidance than one can make the mark over shoulder to be on the right track of achievement. Conscience connection developed through heart, Consciousness connection depends upon conscience heart connection and then this consciousness connection built up the mind factors in all the respective ways to be connected and connoted with Creator’s Will. The Creator’s Will is His given words for one’s Fate of Faith or in other words Faith of Fate.

It is right to say that Mystics, Sufi’s, the Faith holders and the Humanitarian servants they polish their accountability and totality through these stages few are blessed by birth and few do efforts by committing mistakes as normal beings and then repent to the level to gain such positioning.

The Prophets, The Messengers and Seers are the chosen people; they are as innocent as the lamb and as pure as the spring of milk in paradise so they can’t gain the Lord’s connection by effort but by Divine Blessing.
But it is also not wrong to say that each and every human can chose this way to purify one self’s soul and be close to the creator by developing the connection through the conscience, consciousness and through conversation in solitude by making prayers as Lord is all hearing and the most Merciful can select His beings by their pure hearts and innocence and by their simplicity and their faith.

The one who can bathe his soul by believing, than raise up to the true favors of faith, than be true and simple to the needs of self being and the beings similar to him, polish the simplicity, regain the innocence to the level of modesty and consoles the pure heart can hopefully the 6 major spectacular C’s in his or her life conscience, consciousness connection and connote with Creation’s commandments.

In the age of science and materialism we forget the actual learnings of our faith we are harassed with frustrations and looking and searching up short cuts and short lived ways to the material one world goals for us. We completely ruin ourselves by spiritual levels and therefore our souls are starving for the spiritual diets.
Let us ourselves one by one try to make self peace, try to make self effort of contented pure innocent heart. Lets us try to make self dialysis, self connotations, self analysis, self awareness, self declarations, self esteems, self controls, self and self enlightenment, self conscience awakening, make journey to self soul, self conscience to self consciousness that may develop connection and connotations to Creator so that we may have our splendid here after results .

Come let us have the sight to sow, to reap, to weave, to culminate, to cultivate , to see through things beyond to their appearance to realities, to their main meanings, to the level where our fate may stand up and praise our wills to rise up to this level. Be become praise worthy by praising the Creator by servitude the Master as he commanded ……..

Let us try …… Let us try self by self……

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