Fate Puppet


Connection of human unconsciousness with waters of consciousness; it seems that unconsciousness and sub consciousness reconnected with all the worlds of identities. Unconsciousness is a hidden book explaining hidden all the truths to human nerves which is unknown to conscious mind.

Unconscious mind absorbs all the fate elements and the past events hidden stories which remains mystery to alive mind in earthly deeds. What if the conscious mind gets all these details from the window of unconsciousness? What if all the hidden truths reveal to the alive mind of human? What if the connection between all the three dimensions of mind gets so strong and alive that they stay present at once at the moment of action? What if the human mind gets so strongly connected to read all the fatal, sour of glad tidings of Fate? What if ………………

Infact this is the self thesis, it has not been studied any where yet but it is the deepest connected revelation that unconsciousness of human is the part of the human inner world where the darkness open to the light of truth of knowing a character so immensely that one will be immune in the conscious communicated world.

So if there is no degree to judge this source but the dimensions with in the arena of human inner world is so deeply connected with the heavenly bodies of nebula of each human living identity, so did the Fate as well. According to the true religion each happenings to this worldly source of life of earth has been stated and mentioned in the Ultimate Heavens Book (Lohey-E-Mahfouz) and what ever the circumstances and the history we get through on the phase of earth is from that lead of Ultimate Book whose writer is none other than Lord Almighty Himself as He ordered Ultimate Pen to Write Everything.


Fate of humans are also mentioned in that Ultimate book so the mind of humans are cultivated with their Fate Book and the symbols of the Fate Life and its implementations all are temperament in human soul somewhat and remaining in the mind frame. The unconscious of human skull May converts in super conscious it is connected with the Ultimate Preserved Book’s certain thesis of specific fate of the concerned consciousness which is bestowed and alive in worldly life blessed by Lord.

The Ultimate Preserved Book is like mirror of light in which the reflection and image of all happenings and circumstances from the day first till end all has been framed well. This is the tremendous extremeness journey based on ecstasy of one’s conscious that it can make the deep connection with his or her own sub-consciousness and unconsciousness which open gates of super-conscious to know the realities preserved on the Ultimate Truth Book which reveals the knowledge of unseen.

The Fate is the similar reality which is unseen knowledge but it is re-written already in this Preserved Book and the major puppet of is mankind as it is the most intellectual beings among other living beings.

Fate puppets are subject to fate labyrinth but somewhat the free will is also there for them to show off their intellect and sight of knowledge of light and Truth, however very few sustain the originalities and realities rest all mostly become the followers of their Naafs which could be killing for the spirit and soul’s light.

Literature usually expressed that Fate is somewhat very rare friend to mankind and it tames towards its own destined truths but factually fate is the objective type thesis and subjective to those who want to grasp the way of unseen knowledge of truth.

Mankind is somewhat fate puppet but even than most reliance towards the renaissance for the consciousness of own…………and this consciousness is actually the source of basic and ultimate Knowing…………………………Though the mankind is fate dummy still reserves and deserves the ultimate connection which seek …………………

To Be Continued

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