Forwarding To The World Unknown….


Truth is somewhere hides under waters or beyond the highest mountains, or in heavens but it has such powerful existence that no one can underestimate it or estimate it to the direction of his own. Truth has its such existence, the presence that it connects, contributes and consummate.

Truth is the converse reflection of reality so harsh sometimes that its bitterness ruin even the beauty of it self’s existence. Sometimes truth has its beauty hide in innocence but it is seen mostly in practical world that innocence always hide the truth that attorney of the deceptive image.

Consequently, the world unknown is the world none other than human world of consciousness and under oceans of consciousness. As every one’s mind is actually another tip of another tongue. Slip of tongue actually ruins the mind’s imagination of the add sense reality. Slip of memory is actually worst than that.

The rule of consciousness is the most powerful it is been consume the mental energies from the universal truths around and most profoundly from the Truth Divine. Now when it comes to the vivid aspect of reality of Truth what actually it meant by implementing over the presence of existence in the living beings.

Reality always has its’ own shades and shapes, it has reflection, it has deception, it has perceptives and conceptions all are apparently hideous but in depth as a matter of fact very insidious.

The one who is actually attracted to this profound knowledge, infact Truth is a kind of rare knowledge which illuminates the all hidden dark corners with light with soul of right with spirit of order.

Abundantly, Truth is actually the sign of forwarding to the world unknown of rare mysteries that could open the doors to the light of soul’s life where the self respect of the conscience is the crown of all existing aspects.
Vividly, it has been seen that though truth in this universal reality may ruin the charm of attainments and the business of making money to ease the life but what happened when such actions convert and converse in the human characterization. Everything lost if the loss is of character.

This character of human is actually the soul of reality and of Truth so far the person is truth lover and spread it out in all aspects the Light of Truth becomes the knowledge in all the roads on all the paths to make the guidance of the character.

This forwarding of Truth is actually the transfer of a true soul from the base of the appearance to the peaks of realities where all the flowers are full of fragrance; all are attached to the universal acts to the heavenly rewards.

Who said that we have nothing on earth heavenly, we have the virtue of Truth the most highest in existence and the crown of all virtues with heavens’ powers. This is infact the Light of the soul, Light of the Knowledge, Light of Universe, Light of the Heavens and the Light of the Supreme Essence.

The world is following the footsteps of the super ego, which dominates the conscience kills it for bad reasons; murder it for the self sake for the expenses of the timely world to be hanged hereafter. World’s councils are dead when they make the characters realize only sufficiently the rights of their appearances for the livery of their skin keepings.

Unknown realities have the worth and have mysterious sounds, profoundly enough the gravity of attraction, they make suspicious to those who have nothing but curiosity to fulfill and vibre the sound whereas it has always the path of virtue and cloth of modesty for those who feel the essence of it.

Unknown Truths are also of the similar context, when they are hidden they must be the red carpet for the royal walk and when they disguise the apparent beauty and fall in to the rivers of dignity of reward then it comes and become forwarding to the world unknown where nothing lies, nothing sense but the Truth.

There are uncovered Truths of the soul’s world the one who be the mystic to peep inside to gain the pearls to quest them to gather them he/she be the respected most honored most.

Character of human is like scale, like needles of clock, like to and fro make sounds sometimes becomes quite rare of rare the character is who knows about itself in the original sense and out of thousand tripe nine stays failed in this effort.

Whatever be the course of life for the character, whatever be the fate of the character which is mostly different from each other and so on the one who succeed in this race is the one who is higher in the virtue of recognizing the Truth of his/her character’s fate and wearing the Truth in all the acts of the human deeds so that the deeds become the speech themselves for the character to be bestowed upon the fast tracks in the turbulences if life’s trapped circumstances.

When the character awakes and whence the sleep, when the fate awakes whence the sleep, when the conscience is awakes whence the sleep, when the consciousness is awakes whence the sleep, when the act is awakes and whence sleep, when the virtue is awakes and whence it sleep and when the Truth is awakes it never sleeps, when the Light is awakes it never sleeps to darken any course of life either on earth neither in heavens. When the Knowledge awakes it never sleeps as it follows the same measurement the Truth does the light does ………..

To say, to write to color it not that easy what words can express, the impression of the feel and to feel the life is actually the whole core reality, who feels can sustain, can vibe, can hold on can make the Divine relations.
No one can erase the writ of fate, no one maketh the own character but the fate, no one conceive or perceive the Truth but the digger who carbon the way forwarding to the world of existence on non existed to the scene, seen and the unseen…….

Truth is though stranger than fiction but Truth highlights and makes the difference to know of knowing of the worth living of worth Divine………….

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