Give Peace A Chance!!


Today I have sincerely and openly asked few basic questions from myself that what exactly I need from my life? What actually I come through from this blessed worldly life? What basically I have gained? What basically I need from myself or from this life or from others??? What is my purpose to be here? Why I am unsuitable to situations which are higher in stature than me? Why this place is weird to me mostly? Why still I am struggling for my rights, for my re-organization, for support to have my existence among other beings? ……….

Why I am thinking much more than others? Infact why I am thinking in such a mega electromagnetic world? Why this world becoming a speedy race and no one is winning just the money makers? What are my values? Which cultures to I belong? Why I am deprived of the support I deserve by birth and by Fate force? Am I lunatic to be thinker or I have diversified thinking to be sane enough to debate upon various topics? Am I obsessed with the life style of mine? Am I done enough with myself?………

All these questions are inhabitant here, if the selfishness and self consciousness is the key role for the money makers and all the beings that are living for themselves and only for their own sake. This is abnormal truth in the normal world of sciences where all the human natural resources make replaced by the technical inventions. The discoveries are rare yet on the phase of earth and upfront and so emphasizing that they express themselves by impressing so many races belong. Nations are belonging and contemporarily following the foreign cultures in practices.

There are lots of question still unanswered since a thinker born and keeping going with them by searching all along travelling this journey of life. Human plans are not achievable sometimes, most of the time must mention …..That really means that there is Some One who has drives all this whose plan is implemented to ours and He is Ultimate Source to carry out all the stuff in order and He is the Power who can test or bless.

What actually make someone depressed or teased to ask all these questions the major source of element the own sake, the human conduct in majority what they enhance and do for others. In this race the key role is of parents, they are ultimate source for the breathing, living human creature to be part of this worldly race so they must plan the outer source and environmental agendas for their kids, to moralize them, to socialize them within their circle of limitations and within their ideal source of cultural and religious aspects.

The major point to hit is here GIVE PEACE A CHANCE to mere psychology of oneself and to others. The concept of Peace is not just I have my food for living at my place and I have enough money to spend my life and to sooth myself …… The concept of Peace never comes with the word ‘’I’’……. This is the main aspect to enhance and to adhere………

Peace comes from inside of thinking but it sustain with the mutual effort of ‘’WE’’ and socializing with this idea into society to all norms. Together we can fly, together we can achieve, together we can analyze, together we can be the nation to be followed, together we can do something or adds on to our existence and together we can be initiative for the successful path……..

The Peace has the wider concept for adaptation in this world; we don’t need investment for peace we need enhancement and reformation to spread peace. We need the platform to revive the true ideas and concepts in practice to groom ourselves for the implementation of peace. For this the social policies, the ethical programming, Govt resources and the religious aspects implementations can help us to the right directions.

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE can only be possible if we begin the exercise from the self effort if one self will not hurt ownself and abuse the hurting in practice for own sake and then stop spreading this attitude to others.

Questions remain the same if they did not quest for the good reason of purpose of living. If the questions are logical and they insist for thinking for the positiveness and for purposeful message to others ………………

Give Peace A Chance………………Give Peace a chance to your own door and door to door ………..Give Peace a Chance for living all over ……

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