Greeks & Greek Mythology


This strange enough yet interesting mythology, keeping unique imaginational fork tales, legends, heroes, villains, the nature of the world, concepts of universe, the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. They were a part of religion in ancient Greece, Olympian gods, Titians, creatures, figures—— allegories, personifications, deities character sketches, interpretations, deceptively depicted realities and appearance and lots more—

All these works are the part of this platform. This myth is fundamentally hyperlinked with the scriptures (Religious text of own times of several religions).

Greeks are the famous and the ancient most nation before Arabs almost decrescendo on the phase of the earth 3rd millennium or 425—325bc .

To cover up their historical, original, mythical, culture, social and economical background and their details is an impossibly cynic in an article of that length, but to peep in there chemistry of thought just to realize the nation who rule, sustain, make themselves Epically erected based on heroism till the tales of their fall was outstandingly portrait since centuries before.

One of the specialties of them that they extremely bind human mind up to Fate. Their philosopher’s work are still the reference of knowledge even in 21st century where as it is the most scientific era as ever.

‘Man is Tragic being’, this vibrant concept also has been stringed up from the Greek Thinkers. ‘We are mere puppets in the hands of Fate’, is also one of the famous references of Greeks mythical and cosmic view. The mentality of people, their psychology and level of scale of understanding make human penetrate further with the ideology of living further. Ancient Greeks are of the view that they gathered the several scriptures up to their scale of understanding and liberate and vibrate it onwards.

Myth is not philosophy, is not science or religion neither it is cult of any specific Era. It is merely introduced by ancients Greeks who were might announced as founders as well. Their rituals are based on transcripts rather than any particular scripture. Greek mythology is anti-monotheism. If we compare religions, this is not the concern because argumentation never leads the way to the guidance of soul or to the Truthful way of Knowledge but to the disagreement and false criticism. Where as the Religion fundamentality is of the believes and believes are based on the hidden logical Truth that must be known by the keen observers.

Greek mythology is one of the most read and most referred mythologies, the most ancient and sub divided in so many levels of understanding for the scale of Greek based logics. Ancient Greeks are the founders after them the Romans greed up with the stability of their own cult with the foot prints of the ancient scriptures ……………


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