How I Explain …


    I never get pearls in my life yet but to some extend the happiness I got more than getting pearls in hand is to watch the wet drops on the leaves and trees when I watch the first winter rain.

    Those drops are more favorably beautiful in appearance and certainly in reality too as they comes from the upper source the heavenly source they are pure in origin, in appearance, in reality and therefore gives the best of best feeling when one is in the box or out of the box and been pressured by forgeries.

    They are pure and pure are rare …. Yeah this is actually the stuff that how one can explain? And how can I explain … How I can ….

    Now there are no corners that could be estimated so far, there are no limits that could be captured when it comes to barrels of barrels of feelings, one just possibly say how I can explain if I am not wrong than why others not getting what I say or what I do ………

    I never said most of things I said, true enough it is like one is inclined to say what is written to be act by chance and chance never give chance to wrote by self.

    Sunshine sometimes on the leaves reflects the reflection that eye can hold that reflection to the depth. The rays of the light have their own identity, own purity …… The focal point is that Nature and Natural instincts have all the purity so the universe reflects so to that whence it comes to the humans than why there are so errors …… Why?

    What remains is the only image which reflects its’ own and that’s what purity enhanced, pure and purity needs no introduction because it always remains the same constant, absorbed and preserved.

    Sometimes there are lots of feelings that should need words to be on the map but how can one map them if they stay pure as hidden. Hidden emotions and feelings are more intense than the expressive ones. How can I explain those …..?

    They are complicated because they are pure and they are hidden and also because they are intensified by the deeper thought by the enhanced insight that wouldn’t be available in outlook.

    One feeling to another may it be accommodating to each other? Or mis calculating to each other? Logically and illogically, analogically or unanalogically, conventionally or uncongenially feelings are not demonstrated but even then they are ……..Demonstrative feelings are the emotions by Nature….Nature speaks through, break through and provide the outlook to inbox or outbox …..

    Undemonstrative feelings are those emotions which been produced by thoughts, the imagination they are may subject to desire or consequently what one try to act to which or where the existing frame or personality may out of it.

    Whatever be the reasons out core reasons are not the subject to feelings most of the times, reasoning never give birth to the emotions but true reasoning cannot be underestimated even for the emotions. How can I explain infact? There are lots more to tell …

    Lots more to tell but how possibly I can explain? What we see is different and what we watch is entirely different …..We hear and what we wanna hear entirely different…. How can I explain?

    What I can explain is that purity leads the vital role and pure holds the purity ….Pure is what the drop of morning water, pure is what the reflection, pure is what the ray, pure is what the light and pure is what true feelings …….

    True feelings …How can one explain….How can I explain? Emotions are emblem of purity and purity is the emblem of emotions, do care and make an honor of each and every emotion …..

    Feelings should be honor in any way in every aspect because feelings are actually the ground reality which are not seen but they have the most strong existence, that strong existence that even the distances, the far away distances meant nothing against the existence of such strong emblem ………

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  1. Lorin Says:

    What a joy to find such clear thigkinn. Thanks for posting!

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