Human World


Considering the blood and clot mixture of soil becomes human The LORD Almighty’s crown of creation. This is the prime creation above all yet the most paralyzed to have guidance and key direction to live upon & to follow the certain myth which may control this beings psychic emotional and sentimental world around. Myths, doctrines and religions never be the complicated thesis to follow but man made itself when they tried their false wills to rule them.

Supremacy itself a disease, which cause fatal reasons and results upon Man and Man made world. Is it not a rare question or a reap question based on rhetoric practice that why man utters such sins that caused ‘ PARADISE LOST ‘ MAN HAS ALL THE POWERS AROUND AND ENSLAVE TO HIS WILL IF HE TRIED TO BE enhance his life based on logic , literature itself becomes impressive if his logic remains the best in shape with time and schedule of his implemented life.

Human is a complicated being, undoubtedly from the beginning of life of a spam sperm to the strength of worldly human today. His world is as wide as he wants to make it and his world is as small as his though and imagination could reach. The sleeping imagination of imagery never works well Hide and seek of external world is not much important but of Man’s own inner world of his conscious does matter. Man is not a being which is symmetrically arranged or a exercise machinery to carry on one edge. No not at all human is compassionate about all the materials outside which has been disclosed with in him by Nature.

Man and Man’s world is somewhat self-existed it becomes exhausted when the self appearance and own decision exceeded. This world is over ruled as well, mostly by Fate and rarely by temporary actions template worldly by worldly beings. When it comes to the edge of ruling or we say over ruled what does it sounds like?

Its sounds like the man exceeds in his negative selfishness and considering his supremacy diligence his will upon other beings just like him. He feels for himself only and left his democracy just for a recalling name. The difference raise here when a man considerably justify his own actions just for himself. His own self remains high in stature rather than any value or goodness that must rule his life and actions.

The history repeats itself very clearly the literature is a mirror to time to ages to age of time but morally in all ages in all times the worst circumstances and the situations than man kills his own breed his own generations. He himself becomes pathetic sympathetic and drowned and himself becomes the murderer as compare to human there is breed of insects cockroaches who are rest good beyond goodness to man they never commit killing for their beings as humans do.

Human world has been assessed and analyzed right after in all the ages when man feels within the need to resolve and preserve the goodness of the Nature mystery and of the knowing. To know is not much important but to know with the tendency of implementation more reliable. Human world and humans are of many types and according to their morals, myths, doctrines they have their own thinking’s and priorities. Few prioritize knowledge, others prioritize magical knowledge and the originals only the true actions that can lead to the Paradise road ………………. To Be Continued

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