I Own Diamonds…..


I own diamonds, the real diamonds, those I wear, and those I wish to have once…….. I own diamonds, the real diamonds …….. The sanitation, the sensational diamonds those who make other eye to be wonder and wished to own the same, but they won’t get those because these diamonds are of mine fate given treasure. My destiny that I own diamonds …… The real diamonds …

The real diamonds are the fair, sincere, wonderfully eloquence relations and worth of relationship that would be blessed of Divine source and with Eternal faithfulness. Such blessed relationships are the essence of heaven and their love; their sincerity could never be scaled, leveled or measured by any of the metaphysical gadgets on the phase of earth.

The essence the depth of the attachments of such relationships cannot be estimated, they can be subject to the sentiments and emotions that could over rule and control by the sense of feeling because the sense of feeling is the strongest emotions that  Divinity blessed to the living beings through this could be related to the sense of fear, sense of harmony, sense of peace or sense of cozy beautiful harmonized relationships as parents who could do anything for their children, for their protection for their best grooming and here after the most attractive relationships like of brothers and sisters/ brotherly and sisterly relationships.

If they are sincerely involved with each other, they could be everything to each other. The whole world, the heavenly relations if they are the most lovable to each other and caring …… This is the happiest moment of any one’s life if one be so luck to say that I own Diamonds, the precious Diamonds worthy and extravagant bravo Diamonds, each sapphire is more worthy of another.

I Own Diamonds …… the real Diamonds, these are not the dead stones to wear for vanity or for the luxury fulfillment, these are the priceless coined relations of blessed favors that make life easy to sense the heavenly essence for living. Such relations are gifted by Nature and Divine Essence, their fates are harmonized and co-sided by the co-living beings so that they could be easily make access to each other and can share whatever they have interested to.

Diamonds are truly the sincere, faithful, pure and modest relationships though they are blood ones or the webbed or knitted on the rank of emotional attachments, soul attachments or to who heart float with ……Diamonds are the bond characters we have with our loved ones, with our blood relations and with our developed relations ……………. Yes the pure, modest, sincere and faithful relations are like real true Diamonds and this is fortune of a fortunate being who truly owns DIAMONDS …..

I am the delighted being, the fortunate being to whom chance, lot and fate and the Creator’s kindness bestowed that I Own Diamonds……. The real Diamonds those I wear physically and spiritually …….

I Own Diamonds…..The real Diamonds……..

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    You really found a way to make this whole preocss easier.

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