Inspirational Quotations


  • My success and competition is getting tough day by day with myself ….Own self is hard person to be contented…………!!
  • Come on!! I’m a layman…….O Man! A rare common one trying to know myself!!
  • Dig your Fate get the treasure
  • Fate is intellectually sound but human mind does not work there
  • Fate declines sometimes but it never farewell the puppet to rest upon self deceives, it plays upon, tricks upon and checkmate finally …….
  • Going on and on so far the breath last and fate acts………..!!
  • Fate rule mind window also when to open, when to close it distinguish rather better than control
  • Fate is overdue to rule over intellect as well
  • Fate is sound key to open the door infatuated love and featured Divine Love.
  • Far dust you go, climb high to dost, figuration is ultimate the achievement by both struggle and fate be upon your side
  • Once I was hard worker, I struggle a lot but fate was not on my phase, luck was not on my side and I mostly lose.
  • When luck be my coin I have all the treasure mine of mine, I stay king of own kingdom prevail to others.
  • Fate is the prime side of effort.
  • Fate can be reveal by the prevailing the distinguished and diminished thoughts.
  • Time and Fate has one similarity of unpredictability and possibility to be cruel any time of need.
  • Kingdom of Fate is the over ruling the strongest emperors of time of intellect.
  • Fugitive the core of thought for Fate but it is not ……
  • Side of coins are not head or tale, realistically they are one key work (Hard work/ Intelligence) and other Divine (Unseen Fate) sometimes one partial be the king and sometimes the other and when coin just still stand both defused the relation.
  • Intelligence never sounds fate as fate is beyond limits of intelligence
  • Intellect has nothing to do with Divine source, Fate, Heavenly Life the discrimination yet false intellect, fall by heart and upfront by believes.
  • Intelligence itself digging the broader board of chess.
  • Intelligence has role to play over fate signs but just to obey them.
  • Concentration without purity of mind is of no avail.
  • Real practice begins from concentration. Concentration merges in meditation. Concentration is a portion of meditation.
  • You are born to concentrate the mind on God after collecting the mental rays that are dissipated on various objects. That is your important duty.
  • Concentration of the mind on God after purification can give you real happiness and knowledge. You are born for this purpose only.
  • Art of concentration is the best unseen art that draws even the unfathomable, unpredictable, unreliable sketches converting in practice.
  • At your face management never advantage of your source but behind the scene, behind the curtains they know how much even a coin of yours cost.
  • Magic of focus is figurative whatsoever not real but ought to be, and what so ever real would be fragile ….
  • Life of Mind is more than life of Muscle, henceforth the muscle be death mind even stay alive in featured sayings or provoked registered thoughts.
  • Figures receive the command they type they hold pen, they workout and behave like strings to be on harmonium.
  • Commemorate the best times refresh the breathing if inspiration if one been through the hard times.

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