Intellectual Maniacs


    Brilliant minds, formal minds, primary or average minds or superlative minds all are brainy to some extend but the idea of rationality, is central to the explanation of human behavior.

    Behavior to some extend cannot be separated from the brainy activities interlinked and interconnected with all the fundamentalities of human needs. Human nature carries unique veracity and versatility in its own way.

    Innermost nature is innocent, free from blame and always spiritually worthy. Only the outer persona – the role we play – is subject to blame.

    Being human, one gets subject to misfortunes. Your deepest and most natural self is not to blame. Suffering comes by not knowing what you are underneath all those layers of personality. Be natural and unpretentious.

    Mind is the source of knowing and it is the major key driver to any extend a person can ride to. Inventions and innovations are the most vital sign of human mind boast to get the amazing imaginations comes in to the reality where as it sounds sometimes magic that one speaks from north of America to the Oceania.

    Brainy people are unpredictable they switch gears in middle of stream because they hit the ideas so often and rapid and they move on, in their own directives and directions which they want to convert or correct according to their experiments and assessments.

    Consistency is one stressful practice that could hold a brainy person stuck or fix in the box which is out of gauge aspect for the brilliant minds.

    We have three major aspects to assess the situations or circumstances of life around

    – We explain things, emotions or skills as we see
    – We assume/ perceive things, emotions or skill we want / ought to be
    – We follow things, emotions or skills they way dictate to us

    Now three categories of brainy people who fit them up in the system or make the system for others

    – They practice things in such a focus/consistent way that they upgrade the level of earlier ratio of success
    – They imagine, innovate and discover the ideas and ways to assign the implementation therapies and theories for the engaged and in gauge people around lesser than their thoughts
    – They made things happened in their own unique way. They don’t copy don’t cheat but they create and invent

    Mind brings logic as reason.
    Reasoning is one core subject that humans are on earth and universe been created. Rationality and rational behavior is uniqueness, attractiveness and elegance of any character that swims in it. Logic, reason and rationality our interlinked together they generate mind and brain that could rule over.

    Intellectuals are unique because of their way of thinking because they are not traditional or a cultural norms they provoke a rebel attitude somewhat when they are inclined to picture any of their basic idea. Their contentment level is strangely different they don’t fulfill themselves or feed themselves over the generic available stuff or sometimes they overly want just that.

    Intellectual maniacs require something new, different and frequent if they have the constant frame or routines they would become de-motivated over the approach. Some times such maniacs know what they want and sometimes they don’t know what actually they want.

    For them the things are, as they are not very interesting. For them things ought to be are interesting. If’s and but’s they always create and always mention for better reasoning or rationalizing their thoughts frequent in frame.

    Maniacs are not those who mess around but those who make fuss, out of mess invent something which wonders at mind magic. Mind has magical force and brain is magical by Divine Force because the thought itself is a bubble it last only and so far it could be breath to mind’s energy.

    By Grace Mind is active alive drive remains in a micro mini second it would several images, many and more vibrations of thoughts relating to mass of past experiences that delve into nostalgia, related to present domain where what happening acceptable or devastating or jumping to the future how it would be at next place.

    All such stages are actually the mind ages, brain’s games.
    Intellectuals are keen seekers they observe best what they watch and they perceive what they intend to watch

    Watching around and intimating prior is their sign to mis-match them sometimes under the circumstances they been trapped or they been put in

    Devastatingly, here in world all living creature been thrown of somehow of reasoning. We create logic or we dig logic this all depends on the ideology of rationality how it been taken and how it been given.

    How this rationality been expressed? This is through the behavior ………
    Behaviors are pr-defined or been assess through many studies from the ages till this age still there is room of working for each individual to examine the act of behavior for him/her self, because self is the key and character that holds all the strength.

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