Jerusalem; Magnificent Empire…….


The City of Extravaganza faith & Significant Gates!!

An ancient place beloved and a tragic city…..It is city of Fate, it is city of Faith, it is city of many reasons and reasons of reasons, beyond that city reasoning of wars in all ages, and city of destruction, the city of blood yet the city of Divine treasures.

The city time never forgets for the repairing or revealing the time consciousness with the realm of fate and with the stream of consciousness. Where history begins and some believes history ends ……

Divine Providence and Divine Essence is allured over this city, therefore it is holy of holy places among the places of earth. City of mysteries and city of religions, city that preserve the day light everyday and console the night darkness yet it remains alive. The city that tells the story of God, Story of human, story of mankind with mankind, the story of relationship of God with Human and human with God….

The city of wonders and the city of miracles, the city of miracles of miracles, wonders of wonders ….The city within self a discovery, within self a myth, within self a character, within self personification, within self a monologue, within self a dialogue and within self a soliloquy ……..

It is city of many dead and yet it is the city of life. This city lives every day like sunrise and dies every day like sunset even than the life is obvious to this city everyday from ages and to ages. Time’s wheel and Fate’s wheel both wheels are the cynosure orbits to rule this Holy city associated with Faith ……

Jerusalem, city touched by God and transformed by Human of all ages, of all times, of all fate puppets. It is holy land of the western world, the city of spirits, memory and promise. ……..

Perched top Judean hills to the eastern way to Mediterranean Sea. The Holy land full of mysteries and treasures of knowledge and history that provokes the thought and seduce the thought of thought of faith. The first glance to this city is selectively seductive……

Jerusalem, is the touched land, torched to the believes and faith, it is associated to none but to all humanity, but to all who have faith, to all who believe that the belief and faith exist in existence for the life core.
This city is the most ancient as the Mesopotamia and the Arabian lands. This city belongs to the Prophets, to saints and the Holy Innocents who told the people of the world that life is not just a mere phase here but leads to hereafter …… ..

They taught the version of God, they introduced the language of God and they persuade towards the way of God that suits, made and for the betterment of the humanity. Humanity is what all myth’s search, what all religions taught and what all about on the land…..

Little is known about the ancient and earliest of people living in Jerusalem ….The Canaanites 5000 years ago they came to this land and they wish to rule and they did for sometimes. The Era which is known well when King And Prophet David Hazrat Daud (A.S) rules and line up the people for their betterment in this world and hereafter…..

Almost all the Kings and Rulers from the North and each direction of the earth revolve this Holy City and they once in a while step to this land for the fulfillment of their desires.

The David (Hazrat Daud A.S) – The Solomon (Hazrat Suleiman A.S) – Nabacunazzar – Alexander – Caesar – Heriod –Suleiman the magnificent Turkish ruler in 16 century — The Muslims of Ottoman Empire, The Syrians, The Jordanians —- Hadrine, the Romans – Napoleon ….Even after the Hitler stake their claim ….The world wars captured this land and the captivity involves the conspiracy of the prime rulers, of the Politians and of the monarchs from all around the world……

We come across to know from the ancient scriptures, that Jerusalem is the focus land of preservence and protection for the living beings. The Promised Land for the Israelites and for their generations….

The authenticity of the knowledge we get from The HOLY QURAN where we got information regarding the Promised Land for the Israel and for their children after exile from the Egypt with the favor of Creator and great source of Prophet Hood of Moses (A.S) and Haroon (A.S). They had been forty years in the desert of Siena for their own deeds but finally they entered to the Promised Land.

Undoubtedly, Israel came from the generations of Prophets, as the strongest link came from the Abraham Hazrat Abraham A.S, and his son and Prophet Hazrat Ishaq A.S Isaac from the womb of Hazrat Sarah A.S, after him his son Jacob Hazrat Yaqoob A.S who had twelve sons and from his decedents ….

And when Prophet Joseph Hazrat Yusuf A.S was at the emperorship and as in the kingship he then set up the land in Egypt for the decedents ……

Long Time, when good times revolve with the trial times when the True souls and their emperorship been over and the cruel kings be the part of story of history to play the role over the stage of life.

The Pharaoh of Egypt as a cruel, arrogant and the most disgraced being whom the air of the earth, the soil of the earth even the waters of the phase of earth the birds and all the livings being condemn him for his cruelty and evil doings …..Yet his dead body is still in the front of the world as a sign for the wisdom ….

However Moses Hazrat Mosa A.S by the Will of Creator dutiful for the Israel’s to free them from the disgraced life to the free life. Hence forth they travelled from the land of Egypt to the Promised Land and there is long distance and long time wheel that introduced so many realities into existence.

The Promised Land is Jerusalem, undoubtedly it is the place where the land has no treasures foreseen but even than it is full of exception and deception. All the ways are the ways that comes and forth to this land.

The Israel and the generations henceforth came to this land the highest time for the intensity of the emperorship when David and hereafter Solomon rules over this land. The Prophet and king Solomon who rules the land with the highest mounts, he not only rules over the humans but also over the Jins, supernatural beings, birds, animals and even insects.

The Holy land seems to be the corner of paradise somewhat when the chair of the King Solomon waves and travel in air and the air been subject to Prophet’s order. All these miracles been described by The Holy Quran and such land been the land of concentration of all other’s in all the Era’s of times.

After the time of Prophet’s rule and guidance to the people there this holy land always been in the eye of the world around no matter what religion they belong but they had been there for the mightiness, to be strong as ruler or to be capture or be captive over the faiths of faiths.

Israelis always been under the wall of wars, beneath the rulers though they were kind or tyrants who made the peace or explode and exploit all are directly or indirectly associated with this place.

606 Bc Tyrannical King Nabacunazzar before Syrians and after 100 years // then Roman Hadrine they made city as Roman cultural theme over Hellenic and Greek Mythological theme AELIA CAPITOLINA new roman city.
The non-believers, the believers, the Syrians, the Romans or the nations who don’t even have the consent for the religion they impelled to be on this land to gather what their instincts be desired.

The desire of the mighty ego of human that revolves to the lust of power, the lust of supremacy or the lust itself for the mightiness in the super ego. What actually human conduct of consciousness pricks to this land? Is the religion they belong to or made them to recognize? Is the faith human of all ages digging? Or the is the belief to supersize the human needs upon other skin the imperialism though the cultural, social, economic or political? Is the lust of control? Whatever be ….This land is the centre orbit of attention to be or not to be …..
Onwards from 6the century 638 Byzantine Empire defeated by Muslim Caliph Hazrat Omer R.A. Conversion the infidels to Islam who are not Jews or Christians who do not believe in any religion, they been guided well and Muslims take over the rule and they had been rule the land and the people belong to that land in the ordered way, in the neutral way and in a human way ….

The Holy Land, yeah this is the same holy land who absorbs many miracles till date and with the Consent with the association that the Holy Rock is the rock of heavens on earth and that was the sign of ladder for the journey of Heavens for the Holy Prophet PBUH as mentioned in The Holy Quran Surah Bani Israel.

Hazrat Husain R.A was assassinated by Omiya’s and that was the Era of turbulence for the Muslims and the Muslims of Damascus, Al Malik 691 century from them made the tomb over the Holy Rock when they reach to the holy land for their better consent and political boast.

The Muslims been divided in sects after the Holy Prophet PBUH…… The Shia’s/ Sunni division created much turbulence and yet such sects convert in several other sects here after — Ottoman Empire of Muslims also rule over the holy land with the peaceful consent and thus created a strength of Muslims in holy land….. .

Though the rules are from the Europe, from the west or from the east or Arabia they came with their causes and proportions of duties. They came to the land for the solemnity, severity and for the sovereignty. They made up decisions, changings and the commands as per their ruling capacities. They bring forth the vibes of their customs made up the sketch as per their mental sanctions and divisions, dual abilities and diligences……

Eight gates, eight staircases as Lord’s Mercy is more than His Wrath—City significant to Paradise and the Day of Judgment associated with it —-

7th century to almost 1070 the Muslim Era sustained in Jerusalem after that Turk & Egypt Muslims than Pope persuade Christians for Faith Wars for the Christian Faith and Crusades began in 11th Century almost in 1099 then after that Egyptian Muslim Ruler Hazrat Salahuddin regain Muslim control in 1187 century —-
88 years of Franks; who enters in 1099 century Catholics Christians empire in Jerusalem, the Muslim ruler from Egypt — 746 Mosque Al Aqsa re-built again in a elegance and with the Muslim grace of unity of faith and sound restorations.

No natural resources, no river, no seaport, no minerals, no trade, no marketing, no enrich agricultural land, no refined gold or jewelry or treasury element…… There is none the earthly or materialistic elements as this place is the subject to world trade but this own land productions as compare to the other lands are none even than the world’s eye to this place is eternal.

FAITH brought here all the nations instinctively, Religion, the need to close to HOLY of HOLY Faith, Divine Source and simply for GOD ——

Jerusalem is divided in old and new city in the present Era, the new city is subject to world trade and same as the Anglo-American state. The city which is still of ancient times is the old city Jerusalem which itself divided in four major clear sections. Muslim (North East) of the old city and they can there only with their religious practices —–

Jewish (South East) Jews walls western Wall —–Armenian (South west) the people belongs to Christianity with the faith that Jesus has the two major aspects of character one the complete of lamb of innocence but human and second the complete divine they don’t prefer the concept of trinity —–Christian (North West) those who may be the puritans, protestants or Catholics most preferably they are Catholics who teaches and practice the trinity as the core reality.

Jerusalem old city holds the following major gates which are very significant in their own historical and religious aspects. That could not deny the associations of these gates at any cost because from the ancient times to till now they exist in reality and they been are monologue of reality in their own way:

    1- Golden Gates East ( sealed/blocked gates by Muslims 1300 years ago)
    2- Zion Gate South west
    3- Jaffar Gates West
    4- New gate North West
    5- Damascus Gate// Column Gate North
    6- Herod’s Gate North East
    7- Lion Gate East (associated in accordance to Christianity the crucifiction of Jesus)
    8- Dung Gate South Muslim Corner

The gates are the realistic signs and symbol of the essence of the city and the grace of the city for the grace of faith. These gates are entrances and exit in door and outdoors of realities.

Golden Gate is sealed gate by Muslims it is said that it is referred to the revelation of false Messiah or other interpretation that it holds above a grave yard which is associated to the eternal grave yard of the time when all the grave sleepers the dead will be alive to meet their deeds as their eternal end. From the above the golden gate the whole land of this city considered the land or ground for the Day of Judgment ground …..

It is abstracted gate; the golden gate clearly visible even if sealed or blocked, it is closed yet its existence refer a gate and identify end of end times and end of the world …..

Zion Gate is the Jordanian gate it has even now the shot bullets visible in the walls and gates which is the part of memory and remembrance of conflict war of six days. This gate belongs to the Jews’ reliabilities to their worldly possibilities and opportunities.

Jaffar Gate -is recently captive and geographically arranged as European conquers and foreigners’ ideas their horse in to the city through this gate and made the trade way possible to this Holy city.

New Gate– is the associated gate for the new Era and the gate that link the new developed city and the old city for the worldly purposes.

Damascus Gate – also known as column gate …. Muslim invaders came to this gate through the city and they introduced the Muslim culture and heritage to the world of Jerusalem. They introduced all the Muslim and Islamic traditions and customs and thus the Muslim community been organized and gathered into the city.

Heriod Gate – is also known as flower gate in Arabic and spectacular speculations made through this gate. Suleiman the Turkish ruler rebuild the city structure and void the destructive elements by rebuilding it in magnificent mode, Muslim quarters through this gate and earlier the Jews tribe seduced it with their worldly charm. Liability faces north whatever comes from there— There was a Jew prophet Jeremiah who predicted in his writings for the burnt future and huge destruction in the city from the north Jews did not pay heed to such predications but onwards the predictions came true when Nabacunazzar banished Jews civilization— 12th century crusaders entered and destructed wars will be the destiny of the holy city, moreover the Sultan of Egypt entered in the city and Jerusalem be dissolute. Alexander walks in the city as a friendly outlook to the world and he over throws the new innovations to the city actually he got impressed of the city outlook and thus Greek invaders introduced the western civilization to the Jerusalem. Alexander infact believes in One-World Civilization and brotherhood man humanity. This modern Cosmo-political ways affected Jews and they the common people deliberately or undeliberately adopted this new transformed culture …. Greeks excel in Art, Craft, Music and scruple work. They not only introduced they culture but they did transformation of Hellenic customs and heritage.

Excess was there in the city and it was polluted of and from other cultures all around the world. In due course few Jews as a group defend this rapid move by splitting the culture and they as rebel made two ways two cultures. Their hidden activities for the favor of their religious aspect to prevail all over was there but under the shed as the supreme powers were at the top to rule the Holy City.

Lion Gate – belongs to Christians as they believe that through this gate the world of Jesus signs and his footprints and his holy presence essence is there especially Dolle Rose is the way where they believe that Jesus crucifiction had been done. This gate is the way in to the way where the Christians faith is associated a lot due to the many holy places associated with Jesus and Mary.

Dung Gate – This gate belongs to Jews especially Jews temple as they believe someday their temple (in the times of King Solomon) rebuild and the Messiah will come to save and bless them. Jews believe of their Messiah from the western walls of this temple is an ancient myth and they have faith that this Messiah will firmly prove to the world that their religion and believes are the trust worthy and actually have the depth to allure all over the world…..

    ‘’The words are everywhere and every one’s mind another tip of another tongue’’

Despite of the fact that old city absorbs the main seven gates who are currently open and way in and out to the city and associated with the history of humans from the day they been in existence and till their fate meet end … The eight gate is sealed due to the futuristic approach which has deeper meaning for all the main three religions (Muslims, Christians & Jews) and people associated to them …..

The history revives itself with the speech of time and fate and be the monologue to the generations through generations and generations to generations ….. All the generations belong to this city and to humans of religion they actually have an eye towards this holy city ……

The hidden mysterious and the seen yet unseen existences are also the part of this city …. As an evidence K- Hung spring under the kingdom of Jerusalem which is almost 4500 years ago and it is still under the city available for unknown reasons… This spring is a miraculous tiny river with the clean waters that could be aid for whom … This could be a mystery ……

Jesus Hazrat Isa A.S his birth at bethalam, his teachings and his living in this holy city was miraculous essence and his return to this land as well …..Hazrat Maryam A.S the mother of Jesus her birth, her growth in Aqsa and the unlimited bounties because of her modesty ….. The Holy Quran describes the realistic words about Hazrat Maryam A.S in Surah Maryam and many other chapters where the presence and the miraculous birth of Hazrat Isa A.S have been mentioned ….. Surah Maida in Holy Quran explains the heavenly super …..

    Jerusalem is the land of Prophets and their miracles…

The new city of Jerusalem is fabricated land on the pattern of western new world transformations and it is nearly to the customs of European civilizations but this new city completely belongs to the Jews and their modern yet their custom life.

This new city considered as Shah Areem means city of 100 gates, Israelis belong to this city and practice their religion fearlessly ………….

Haradeem means God fearing …. Jews and their attribute towards life pattern is not yet modern as their women still dress with the coverage of 18th century aptitude and yet Jews men dress in black. The Jews are still on the grounds they own fabricate to linger onwards but their religious aptitude and their waiting gesture for their saver Messiah ……

The Holy Lands on earth the Holy Makkah, The Holy Medina and the Holy Jerusalem all three main lands are considered to be the lands associated with Faith and Believe. These lands are associated with Prophets and great miracles that world is witness over.

All religions are the root of one, all the humans who are divided all are rooted as one, all the splited concepts are actually rooted as one and the person sane who indulge and recognize the root of the Faith never distracted the signs and symbols….

Surely this Holy city Jerusalem absorbs various and many other unseen and hidden mysteries that could not be seen to naked worldly eye….

The mountains around this land and this land itself are God’s chosen and it had been favored in all times. Faith brings the humanity collectively here and Believes are the knot to the certain religions whatever guide to Truth with The Essence of True Knowledge is infact the God’s given essence…..

I wish to see the knowings of this holy city the way I preserve in my perception, though my conception can’t captive of all the Divine Essence poured in this pot but I wish to see the unseen, hidden and exceptional knowings ……..

    Jerusalem is the land of Prophets and their miracles…

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