Life writes the Questions we pursue the Answers !


    How far this narration is correct? Is it alright to mention that we as human peruse the answers to life given questions or life itself states……. Yeah it is up to the level of anticipating that what actually the worth making, perceiving and the thinking towards the consequences of life.

    Life is not a straight road symmetrically arranged, nothing is designed here, nothing is maintained here, and nothing is the part of cosmically decorum or universally decorative that would have the specific outlook.

    The datum of life is the most unpredictable in the course, subject to various topics, heads and type of information all have mathematical calculations; theory is the sign where one can reach whence all the key words, symbols and the signs are correctly enhanced.

    Human Mind, Human Intellect and Human Behavior are basic three instincts that could allure and explore the better consequence to be better in position and better in soul development.

    It is also true that where instincts fails intellect ventures. Some times instincts are vulture and sometimes the intellect is vulture. What wins depends on the force applied. The applied force would be the enhancing one or could be the most deviating.

    Force of face or face of force both entities are the most complex, though we humans mostly been judged by the appearance where as we know they deceive as anyone can adopt any frame of face anytime with the blend of colors and liveries what ever design in style or be in fashion or culture of time frame, place frame and the mental frame of human creativity to be so.

    Now when it comes to the development or growth of anything in the universal core nothing can happened one sided. Nothing can be done as a single entity in this world. Every thing phases in action, inaction, reaction and interaction. One of the phase is empty or violated from the practical picture or work the whole of orbit, the circle of work been disturbed and none can perform the way expected or the instinctive caliber been invent to.

    As a whole work nothing can be the sign of individual in practical core of life, here everything is in double or in multiple entities with multiplex anticipations and examinations. Here action based on reasons of inaction and then inactions based on reasons of actions and then actions over the reactions and the reasoning of reactions over the interactions.

    What we say we don’t do, what we do we don’t say most of the time, voice is commendable, now it depends if it is conditionally loud or unconditionally subject to salience. Every consequence, every happening is the demandable and commendable. The only the ONE who create, who created, who made and who make it happen is the ONE can lead, can tame, can run the show…..The ONE who can, we control, who could and who is running the show.

    When there is a logic that Someone Supreme running this whole show then there is no other comment left to discuss the salient get speech here and speech get the salience. The voice becomes the lead here and lead becomes the voice.

    We as humans just can endeared and endured what just been done and what is done once made once, created once remains the same forever…..because artist knows the worth what done is done….It’s up to the mood of the artist if he personally revise the art, the scripture, the sculpture or the painting or keep looking what made is made. Keep watching identity to explore more or left what is done is done …..

    The Creator, The Lord is the greatest artist, he paints as life, he scripture the fate, the time and sculpture the humans the living beings … The Lord is the biggest of all artists He paints life that raise the questions and we humans if blessed with intellect, emotions, behavior we pursue the answers …….We humans if we want we can and if we believe it just happened as magically or miraculously vary to vary and verily very easily ……

    True is the statement life asks questions from human intellect and we as humans pursue the answers so far with the tooling and toning of mind and it’s use……

    True there is no art but in Nature, true there nothing as astonishing as Nature…..True there is nothing as amazing as Nature, true there is nothing as inspiring as Nature….True there is nothing as commendable as Nature ….True there nothing left but from beginning to end just Nature …..True verily true there is no great artist but just the Nature ….

    True are the answer if asked questions are sane, true are the questions if they get the reasoning of reasonable rational logical answers ……….True is the life if its image stays in the image of eternal mirror …True are the course…..are the doors through we pass from one edge to another ….

    True are the dreams when they been seen with open eyes and watched on happening on realistic grounds … True …… True is the life if it reflects the same or with immense imagery hereafter ….. True are the myths if they be closely studied for the rational approach … True is everything where truth be hidden …True is the truth where lies the secret of Light…..

    How u can get the answer unless u question? And most probably we question the same things where as we know the answers better than external force…..Even than we question because life is statement ……..Life is the statesman …..True if we question it is in Nature… If we answer it is also in Nature …… Quest to question and question to quest….Quest to answers and answers to quest …

    Surely what we do is in our Supreme Nature!!

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