Magic of Focus; Art of Concentration


Concentrations……Concentrating is an art of study or electromagnetic spectrum source….. what so ever focus and focusing is a magic and magical aspects are also human’s one of the best art ………Nature bestow many of the aspects which are unseen but they work out and display their importance in front of the presence of human acts and to the human world directly or indirectly.

Eye is the part of alluring charm, and eye has the seducing powers, they can be seductive to extend and they can be in both ways either the positive or either the negative one.

Positive and negative energies are the major aspects in the world reality as they observe the major core to rule over the living beings especially to the crown of creation the humans.

There are two supreme powers that are acting and reacting each time of times and even these energies are controlling and empowering. Finally universal truth is obvious that positive energy is affirmatively the winning in all aspects where as negative one is short lived. But both energies are dominating and effective over the sequences and consequences that would be favored in force for the living beings.

Human mind, thoughts, Human speech, Human Characters’ Impression and traits / Express and impress and their effectiveness counts and cast magical element over the frontiers because chemistry and physics due mention that in this world the most vital scientific reality is that electromagnetic layers are subdue to cause and effect theory and humans directly or indirectly effect each other with the static and dynamic two major energies of positiveness and negativeness.

Just that if someone stares a baby playing trying to walk who is not strongly groom or grown up in Aura (or new toddles who just begin to walk up or stand up on feet) the staring element or permanent gazing must cause imbalance to child walk or effect a baby it is not obvious that it will be the ill sight which effected the kid sometimes the positive focus and the concentrating element also cause and effect that could be just noticed.

In this universe having these electromagnetic layers, they themselves are the magnetic layers and magnetic powers which have their effectiveness and cause and affect as the panorama that fundamentally the truth and reality of life in human world.

Forums of magic and Image delivering and capturing the human image to be effective of any of the impression and expression though positive energy or the negative one. Figuratively attention is the core element; human is an amphibian beast who has brilliant qualities to be adhesive and admirably strong and one of the most distinguished quality is to concentrate over imagery or any object, subjectively or objectively this art of concentrating is the most deep one and it is interlinked with the electromagnetic layers that could and would travel all around.

The interaction also absorbs this cause and affects layers therefore in Holy Quran Almighty Allah has forbidden woman to show off the feminine parts to attract the people towards themselves that could be harmful and immoral and ordered to stay in veil that is the most modest way to be respected.

Henceforth advised to men to lower their gaze and don’t stay in ways of women to stare or gaze them as this will create mess in immoral activities because of this cause an affect and electromagnetic layers ……….

Psycho-magnetic power// psycho meter/ psychological levels are also part of these electromagnetic spectrum and the telepathy are strongest example and witness over such realistic element that could travel through the voice, sight, imagination and imagery……….

As an example actors they adopt any character to portray out of gauge of their own personality they fill themselves in any vessel of any shape despite of the fact that they are just exploring their own psychological skills or abilities even then they forget their own characteristics while performing the adopted one; they are actually multi-personality they express flaws and qualities specifically what ever offered to them as script.

This is undoubtedly human ability to adopt and absorbs any character and understands its characteristics and while making an image of that character they perform and in that instance they just create level of magnum spectrums.

Psychologically in such case this could be called talent or psychological energy to act or to perform the fictitious roles for the human mental fabricated stories? The answer could be of both ways because human has certain inside structure that could imitate adopt and portray anything which human sense could absorb either it could be via eye sight, or voice or by mental imagination of emotional spectrum.

Focus towards any object or towards any other human being could raise the human will acts and activities that could revert back in same sense. Electromagnetic assessment through focus or concentration or interaction through both is distinguished way out to express human any spirit though it would be positive or negative.

Mind is the strongest bank of human if it is intellectually sound and similarly it is the meak and weak if it would be imbalance, stressed out or it been excessive effected of any harmful incident that could ruin the mental structure and the thinking progress of mental spectrum.

Focus itself is magic and the positive practices of concentrating over the objects to adverse them or has the desirable results; this could be the most vital exercise. Mental telepathy is one of the finest psychological science that could explore one magical mind to another and one can give the sign of massage of anyone else around the world witness of the certain level of connections.

This could be declare as focus of mind magic, for an instance it is possible truth that sometimes human mental energy alarms or give message to loved one mind or spirit to make a voice call or a feeling that could transfer one body to another and similarly this happened to the unknown people who knot themselves in relationship then they apparently remains two bodies and certainly they become as one soul because of such realistic aspect and reality that humans can transfer their good or bad habits or emotions or positive or negative energies to each other.

The motivation, inspiration, imagination, sense of art, sight gestures, smile even the yawning is the gesture which easily spread to others and others easily effected of this gesture. The inspirational quotes or literature study or the stories that could absorb the trilling results and purposes or mysterious messages easily have the traveling and shifting impacts over human mind, spirit, emotions and actions.

The movies that adhere the tragic scenes or the situation which been through the spectators in an instance of their life at any momentum or moments that could arouse the sense of catharsis even the hyper sensitive souls have tear upon watching the movies, similarly the funny videos could sprang up roar of laughter in audiences.

Energy shift through personalities// characters, through their traits and idiosyncrasies, through debate impression or expression all are discriminative and distinguished signs and has their own sense of significance.

Consequently, positiveness explore positive attitude and positive signs and negative energies explore the negative signs just like the jealousy, one jealous heart transfer its fire to the others life and ruin both, similarly the prejudice mind make one’s own self jaundice eye and in shifting this to another.

Simultaneously, transferring the sentiments, mental activities, spiritual radiations, or making all these in a deliberate effort a practice or exclusive by focusing or concentrating any sense over any object or any possibility of gain … It would happened by the believe, art of concentration and magic of focus……..

It would definitely happen………conclusively we all should adopt and should spread positive layers, should focus upon positive objects containing positive wills and for outcome for positive desires.

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