Magic Or Miracles…Magic And Miracles…….


Ages ago, humans practices beyond the limits of the Ethical grounds and they want to fulfill their each and every desire by the shortest possible ways and through the easy going elements.

Humans are very complex and complicated beings when it comes to their super ego and their lust of having the desires been fulfilled at once and every desired things material or humane all be at their toes.

Humans from the ancient Era believes in the means which are not actually the true signs of nature but they exist because the Evil do exist. And Evil is the force for which Creator forbids but as a tough trial of Adam it is prevailed in the life, in existence on the phase of earth to have the testimony.

In such course of hard exam lost humans are most of the times remain failure. From the ancient Era to till now it just happened that human’s lust is the biggest enemy of the times ever, of human’s life, of human’s actions, of human’s own wills and of human’s destiny …….

From the Holy Scriptures of ancient times as they are from the Divine Essence but with the passage of time the Evil doers they penetrate to transformed the Holy Scriptures by mingling of human thesis that could lead astray to many of humans to the way which is not directly or indirectly related to the positive energies but to the evil does….

Such way not only leads astray various human beings of the times but also attacked to the precious most Essence of Human Faith…

Yeah Faith that is unseen force of guidance that maketh the believe comes true and it’s Creator’s bestowed favor upon the human beings to see through seen realities to unseen realities which surely exist and may gonna happen as Lord promised for those….. So since ancient times to till date the magic been defined and so the Miracles do as well…

Now when we debate over then a long questionnaire be the part of discussion over such debatable topic; various questions kinda like:

What is Magic? On the contrary what is Miracle? What actually the difference between them both? What they infact predict? What they prove? How they relate to faith or believe? And why they happened…. Surely they happened? They really affect or sustained for the history or for the times ahead?

Many of many and lots of lots questions intellect produce to be convinced by logic or be logically consumed…… Consumptions, assumptions rest or quest of truth…..

From the Holy Book Al-Quran; that is revealed and The Holy Quran is the authentic message that describes about actually of magic and also about miracles. There is actually immense and vivid difference between the magic and the miracles.

Magic the source of those who believes to be their lust be the charmer of their souls, minds and their needs and they be alive to each corners of life according to their perceptions.

Miracles are what Divinity favor to those who are innocent and just follow His Given Track and they must need the crystal clear signs to provoke thoughts among the peoples and to the rest of the world so that they be keen in thinking for the unseen Divine Source Who is actually the Ruler, Creator, Universal Truth, Omni-Present and the Ultimate Reality to be Known………

Magic the study and knowledge of short lived charms, knowledge of deception and destructive realities that warn nothing but introduce one to have hell be bestowed in living every breath here in this world and hereafter……

The Magic is truly happened it exists as the evil does but it is the knowledge of deception, in which one deceives himself more than others in which one sold the soul to evil in the hands of super ego which lies himself as did by Dr. Faustus as mentioned by Christopher Marlowe.

Such deception is the killing source that in beginning seems very fascinating and afterwards its nothing but worst for ending and then there is no way out. Magic does affect to those who easily submissive to the evil, it plays with those who maketh themselves puppets for the same mud made pots or puppets of just like them (same humans just like them)……….

The magic is something which is associated with evil and it is associated with human lust of having the impossible as possible unethical as ethical, immoral as moral, unphenomenal to phenomenal ….. It could be anything in the beginning but surely nothing in the end…..

Being human no one is the writer of destiny no one could, every person has been alarmed, has been armed, has been clothed with the Divine Given Destiny and the only Ruler is Creator no one else could who can allow the destiny be in threads to humans …..

Miracles are the support to mankind to strengthen hem in their Faith track and to make them believe that their Guide provided by Guider is the best of all other self created thesis.

Nature entitled and has given the quality to mankind that they can make what is not actually exist it is the quality or disquality both in same instance……… if one could imagine the best thought to be creative and constructive than in the same instance mankind has power to imagine the worst thought to be non-creatively destructive towards everything to every living being even to same race ….

We get knowledge that Creator has had send two angels named as Haroot and Maroot in the times of Prophet Hazrat Suleiman A.S and they taught knowledge of Magic to the people of that times but they align and warn before teaching such knowledge but people most of that times used it negatively and to fulfill their lusts.

From Creator it was the trial for the mankind of that times as what they select out of these teachings either they stay preserved with the blessings already given to them or they keep caught on the traps for the flying birds but sorry to mankind’s material desires they always select the magical beautified traps instead of what quaintly the quality and quantity already given to them.

Miracle is the universe, from the dot of atom to the birth and death of mankind all in all miracles. The live miracles the dark sheet of sky holding the unlimited, uncountable and infinite number of galaxies of stars and planets …..

The sun to moon, moon to earth, in earth the universal truth consuming all the living kinds, the waters of waters ….the oceans……The living species under water or over the lands …the creatures of all creations all in all are alive MIRACLES of CREATOR.

These be in life with the order of Creator and stay till His order be Behold……
Further there are list of Miraculous happenings in The Holy Quran which described the unhappenings as happenings because to LORD EVERYTHING IS EASY and CREATOR JUST ORDER BE and the happenings BE UPON HIS ORDER….

Creator is the Ultimate Truth the Ultimate Reality and He has all the Knowledge for all the realistic truths that happened already and surely what destined to be….

The positive and negative energies are for human intellect to judge their selection for the deeds for their prevailing existence if they have the favor of their free will for a while than what they actually utilize it with their intellect to flourish their souls.

Magic is a negative alignment for the happenings for shortcomings and short lived empty blackness where as the Miracles are what all related to the existence, related to the life, related to the unseen realities of LIGHT and which is directly the Essence of Divine Actions they hold all the preservence and hold all the waters of spiritual ecstasies…..

We live in the broken world none other than all of times for all the earlier humans the world was also broken because the positive and negative energies always at wars, because the evil and the good always in front of each other to act or react same if the topic concludes that Magic and Miracles always stays aside from the day first of the universal history it is not wrong but the truth of truths in the totality.

Magic or Miracles both exist the difference is magic spells and vanished whereas the miracle happens and stays with its originality till end times after times, history after history to elaborates its importance to the intellect to prevail the thought and soul be demonstrative to the inclined subjectivity and objectivity…….

Present Era, unfortunately is the time which is most alarming to the mankind all around the world on the phase of earth yet we as mankind making this time worse in being and also in appearing because nonetheless most of the race who commonly believe in easy availing the lust of their desires they are playing with magical consequences despite of the fact they didn’t reward or award but depart the soul with the connection of purity and when purity and innocence is lost the lost of every precious conduct be lost ….the meaning of lost even condemns the favors than ….

We actually believe, we infact have faith but our practices lose the control over the focal point that preserve the significance of knowing. We as mankind in present getting so stubborn to realize the unrealized but even than disobey the Given Myth which is Divine.

Our difficulty is trying to reconcile suffering and a loving God. We want to believe, but all the bad which happens around us seems to make believing impossible. We crave to find some meaning to life and the bad things that happen to us.

Strongly enough when ever magic prevails and darkness be descend than the need and the call for Light is must and currently mankind needs the Miracles; the Miracles that can wide awake the eye and maketh it the seer for the Truth, for True Knowledge for the existence and prevailing of Light and for the significant souls t be lived …..

    Wide Awake ….. The Seer

    If we are going to live the life of our dreams and fulfill God’s call on our lives we need to focus our intentions.
    Dreams and passion might be the launching pad, but sooner or later we must use those things to create life.
    Every great journey begins with only potential and possibilities.

    What can happen as you begin to dream and imagine and open up the full spectrum of all possibilities of your future is that you end up dreaming and never living.

    God’s Kingdom doesn’t belong to the rich and powerful or the moral and the religious, but those who live by Love and Trust……….

    Our souls crave. We crave things like intimacy, truth, and significance. In this life we learn, listen, read and write about a human in search of significance. A quest for significantly significant significance of human soul’s eternity………

    “What we do in life echoes in Eternity.”


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