Miracles of Mysticism


‘’My madness is part of debate of world’s journalism; my madness is non subject of those who can’t be mad until they taste the same doze of it. This would be madness in sense of nature of the world of materialism they can’t estimate this madness, the metaphysical effects of it, they can’t understand this madness, this miracle …… as they knew not this is fullness of Wisdom, this is the ripped fruit of the tree of Knowing, this is light of spirituality and this is completion of imperfect being, this is perfect salvation of the prisoner soul in the body …………..they talk about my senses, they humiliate my senses, they rank my senses, they rate my vision , they can’t ……..unless they be on my side, they  ought to be mad if they should have a little ray of this beauty of various bounties …………My madness is part of debate of the world…………Come to my world of senses, their vision would enhance those opened curtains of the sound realities that could allure the ways and roads of human originality and could rise up to the level where madness would be nothing but a smile of a mystic …………. Come to me my world be the part of enlightenment where the garden of truth is full of sapphires, be the follower of this mysticism, don’t spoil yourself for the certain said space and time that could flew away just like a breath of a new born child, these mirrored certainties and these mirrored uncertainties are Nada but a alluring bubble that couldn’t last for few seconds, don’t waste your spaced certain said given breaths for the mortal objectivity that could last nothing but repentance for the day where practices will be bound to the actions already stuffed and forwarded through this space and time of mirror. Come to my world where each day is new day of new life, of new birth of new lights of new knowings that bring everything that could be sound proof for the long live of the heart and its bounties of loving emotions that could be for the living beings here and for the Creator that is the essential purpose to get in this space and time………..Come to my world……My madness is their subject to argue so far because they are stones of the age, they fixed to certainties where as they are unaware of their own existence without seek, these fixed minds have stones ……they are stone of the age they dance upon their false wills, they listen to none but their animal instincts, they are not actually listening they are deaf if they can’t listen the sweetness of the faith and of believing of believe of the belief of reality that is hidden because its’ beauty can’t be capture to mare eyes …..they are stone of age though but my this madness of mysticism is a water fall to them, their instincts are of same of mine but they can’t speak of open senses of their heart’s vision and version, they be differ as they can’t capture the very vision of my sight’s lines that travel to the levels of madness made its way to the miracles of mystics and mysticism …….. They made me insane in their version, they debate upon my senses but they should be mad so that could rise up to the level of mine. They can’t be the part of the this magical world of madness where my madness is fair then the consensus of this mortal world where the humans are animals or worse of their given crown instinctive qualities are divided an ruled by the Satanic powers, my preference is this sugary madness, its sweetness make me taste the morals and the immortality of the fine deeds and practices, come to my world to taste it…………My madness……..My madness is debate of the sane people , ask them to be part of my world they must challenge their so called sane senses to be enlightened to this level of observance, of this servitude, of this Essence and to this very world of bounties of wonders …………Come to my world, this is world of the mystic , the world of the mysticism and their practices , they are in connections of floor to door, they are here to advise to those who don’t pay attention to their own self and they don’t trying to achieve the ultimate goal and once they wake up to the another edge of this mortal ocean to the land of immortal enhanced ground they would realize their mistakes but their they will be not able to act to correct their immoral practices they can’t coined their goodness there ……………Come to my world here in this livery of appearance so that reality will be coined to this consequence for the fair results here after………….’’

The old man delivered all the words aloud but no one listened to him, the way he delivered though, or the words though, or none has time to listen such stuff which is nothing of reason but wastage of their wills and their apparent actions, the old man sitting on the shrine of a saint and he stayed there every day on specific dawn time and specifically for the people come here and go he move all day among people of city and ask them to be up to his sayings.

But this city of apparent shine and mechanical world condemns this person because of his old age and his mis conceptions about the world and hereafter and also as these days these kind of people are nothing but bluff they need to fulfill their basics so that they would enhance such ways as if they are sound people than they must be successful and morally and socially high in stature but they are in rags and they are on road useless and purposeless being.

This is common sayings by the people the deception is all over spread even it would be pointed out to the rich or to poor or any person of any character on this phase of earth the deception will be there …….

The world would attack on the appearance why not they get the inner deeper meaning of the saying of the speech why not his being on road and in rags would be considered his simplicity?

The angels of thinking and the level of observations should be redefined and should be rearranged for the existing world so that the deception which has been adopted deliberately should be avoided.

The character of the old man is not the deceptive figure it is for the self favor to recognize to insert into the realistic grounds but this mortal world is too busy for their self made deception instead of knowing the actual purpose.

The message of saint is true ‘Come to my World…My Madness of Mysticism’……The mystics are Sufis, they are blind seers they can estimate the hereafter world and many of bounties which the common being cannot………So the miracles of mystics are obvious they can be in any shape in any figure in any character for the goodness and for the guidance of mankind, their words will be magical enough though contain bitterest of realities. They might b in rags and they might be as a common lay man but they must be purified, modest and simple in identity.

I have been searching that kind of saint these days so that I must ask where are the teachings of the originality and the practices we surely do and why the black sheep’s are all over spreading their horns? Why reasoning always questing logic to be guide why not these days’ sane people believe in miracles too as they did earlier in the ages of springing and belongings?

Believing on, and trusting the way trust and believe deserves, why not the humans sustain that, at least what is necessary is of taking chances in practices of possibilities to be in real for the deeds that would be on morals and obtain immortality for the Next. Be gather with the Image of Royal, of Almighty so that we could be also gain those bounties that would be tasted by the saints no one easily be on their scale but attempting and practices could rise up to that Madness or Miracle of Mystics Mysticism ……….

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