Mother of Moses A.S


Part II

She obeyed that Divine command and put some cotton in the box, suckled the innocent apple of her eyes and put him asleep in the box. She locked it tightly and cast it in the river Nile. Can it be imagined? What must have been her condition, when she had consigned her innocent son to the bloody and merciless waves of the river? Most of the historians who described this event had avoided putting light on the miserable plight of the mother of Moses AS. Her eyes were fixed at the box carried away by the waves of the river. But a few of historians have depicted the scene of those painful moments and said that when the box had gone out of her sight and that dreadful environment terrified her then she realized that she herself and consigned her son to the merciless waves of the river. It seemed that she hit upon no plan to save her son from tyrannical clutches of Pharaoh, except it. Thus she realized that on the one hand she had saved him from pharaoh’s killing, but on the other she herself had cast him in the jaws of fish. Salabi says:

‘’ When she cast Moses AS into river Nile and he disappeared from her sight, Satan came in delude her. She started saying on her heart of heart about her treatment with her son.
She thought that it was better to bury her son after being slaughtered by Pharaoh than making him food for creatures of river.’’

I think, it is the part of the narrations told by Israelites, which were publicized by those Jews who later on embraced Islam, because there is nothing about ‘’ Satanic delusion’’ in the Holy Quran. Quran rejects it; because it has been clearly mentioned in the holy Quran that mother of Moses AS was commanded by Allah to cast her son in the river.

Hazrat Moses AS mother does not like to go back to home and stays at the bank of the river. She is sunk into the grief of her son, when her daughter Maryam reaches there in search of her mother. She consoled her mother and brings her back to home. Then Allah grants he comfort and solace, as Quran says:

‘’ And the next morning the heart of Moses As mother became restless. And she had nearly given out the secret if we had not strengthened her heart so that she might remains convinced of the promise of Allah.’’

The currents of the river took Moses AS near an orchard contiguous with Pharaoh’s palace. His housemaid used to fetch water from there. No sooner did they see the box then they took it out and carried to their queen Sayyidah Aasiyah the wife of Pharaoh. They thought the treasure of precious pearls. When the box was opened, they were taken aback to see a handsome innocent baby inside it. He was smiling delightfully at Sayyidah Aasiyah. When she cast her affectionate eye on him. She felt extreme love for him, as he was her own son, she thought him to be a divine gift specially conferred to be a deprived mother having no child of her own. She had sunk into this fancy when Pharaoh’s soldiers came there and demanded for the baby. She ordered them,

‘’ Go back, this child has no relation with Bani Israel when she found them in confusion, she told them politely to let her solve the matter by herself. She said, ‘’I myself shall go the Pharaoh in order to request him to give this child to me. If he agrees, then al-right, otherwise you will be allowed to kill him. I won’t rebuke you.’’
She took Moses AS to Pharaoh and said.

‘’ And the wife of Pharaoh said this child is but coolness of the eyes for me and you. Slay him not perhaps he may be of benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son.’’
He replied:

”He May be a comfort for yr eyes but I don’t like him. He soon repented on his mistake and ordered to kill him because he may be of Bani Israel, who may cause to tread over him and his kingdom under his feet.’’

But Sayyidah Aasiyah kept insisting on her demand eventually Pharaoh agreed to hand over the child to her. She carried the child in to Royal Palace. Her joy knew no bounds. Mother of Moses AS was sitting aggrieved among Jews. She was sunk into this thought if she could ever see her son again. She told her daughter Maryam to go after him to get some information about him.

Maryam started looking for her brother on foot and reached at the bank of the river Nile. There she came to know that there was a little child in queen’s palace who had not accepted the suckling of any woman. She said in her heart of heart that he must be her brother. She took several round of royal palace very carefully, where she was seen by Asiyah’s maidservants. They were in fact looking for suckling woman, who may be accepted by the child for suckling. When Maryam came to know all about it, she controlled herself and concealed her emotions while entering into the royal palace and said meticulously,

‘’Shall I direct you to a housewife who may bring up the child for you, and would also be well wisher of the child’’

She replied dogmatically,’’ I wish only your goodness’’. They further asked. ‘’ Perhaps you have some information about the parents of this baby, otherwise how can say them to be well-wisher of him.
It is very simple, she replied I only know that they are very kind hearted and virtuous. They will intimately take over the responsibility of bringing up the child in a hope to be favored by the king. This reply assured them to some extends. They carried the baby and followed Maryam. On the other hand mother of Moses AS was lost in her grief and agony. She did not know what blessing and eternal bless was about to conferred on her by Allah.

No sooner did she see the baby then she unabatedly wished to cheer out, but she deliberately got over herself patiently. She embosomed the child with deep love and affection. They were surprised to see the child who had already rejected every suckling woman Was now busy in suckling heartily.

When Moses AS had sucked milk to his heart’s content, they brought mother of Moses as to Aasiyah and told her everything in detail. She said to the mother of Moses AS to stay with them for suckling the baby. But she replied, ‘’ Would you like to allow me to carry the baby with me to my house where I’ll suckle and take care of him for good because rest of my children may be in trouble in my absence. So I am bound to stay at my own home.’’

Obviously, this attitude of Moses As mother looked strange, why she had denied living in royal palace along with her son. But no wonder, circumstances were in her favor. Mosses AS did not accept the suckling of any other woman except her. She was quite conversant to the fact that Aasiyah had an intimate love for baby. That is why she kept insisting on carrying the baby to her home where she could extinguish the thirst of motherly love, away from spies of the king and environment of the place.

If she stayed in the palace she would have two choices ‘’ Desirable and undesirable’’. Desirable choice was painful for her because she had to control her passion and motherly love so that none could be suspicious of her attitude. On the other hand if she had disclosed the secret of her motherly love she would have handed over her son to the murderer by herself. But she had absolutely firm belief in blessings of Allah. Therefore she selected her own home for the betterment of her son. Salabi says:

‘’The mother of Moses AS remembered Allah’s promise that is why she did not accede to Asiyah’s proposal. Because she was quite sure that Allah would fulfill His promise.’’

Aasiyah has no other option but to agree to the proposal of Moses AS mother. She had a great importance for the life and survival of child. Thus she allowed her to carry the child. In this way mother of Moses AS carried him to her home…………………………….


Emmence Thesis By Dr.Ayesha

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