Mother of Moses A.S


Part III

Allah says in Surah Al-Qasas:-

‘’ And We inspired the mother of Moses A.S saying; ‘’ Keep suckling him(without fear); then when you fear for him, cast him into the river, and the fear not, nor grieve; for surely We shall return him to you and We are going to make him a messenger.’’

Then the family of Pharaoh picked him up (from the river) that he might (in the end) be an enemy to them and a cause of grief and sorrow, Surely Pharaoh and Human and their armies.

And the wife of Pharaoh said ;(My Lord!) this child is but coolness of the eyes for you and me. Slay him not, perhaps he may be of benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son; and they could not perceive (the outcome of their plan).

And next morning the heart of Moses A.S Mother become restless. And she had nearly given out the secret if We had not strengthened her heart so that she might remain convinced of the promise of Allah. And she said to Moses A.S sister ‘’follow him’’ so she kept watching him from a distance. And they did not perceive (the reality of) it.

And We had already forbidden all wet nurses for him. So Moses A.S sister said; ‘’shall I direct you to household who may bring up the child for you. And would also be well wishers of the child’’ So (in this way) We returned him to his mother to cool her eyes at the sight of the child. And feel not grieved (at his separation) and that she might also know that the promise of Allah is always true. But most of the people know not (this truth).

And when Moses A.S reached the prime of his life and his upbringing was completed. We granted him wisdom and knowledge. And thus do We reward the well doers. Allah says in Surah –e Taha: Surely you are granted your request O’ Moses!. And surely we bestowed on you a favour at another time before this as well. When we revealed to your mother (by inspiration) that which was to be revealed. That put the baby in to a box. Then cast the box into the river. The river will cast it upon the shore then it will be picked up by one who is an enemy to me and an enemy to him. And (O; Moses A.S!) I cast on you a reflection of love from Myself so that whoever saw you might love you and you be brought up under My sight. Recall, when your sister came walking along and said (to pharaoh household) May I tell you of one who may nurse him. So (thus) did we bring you back to your mother that she might cool her eyes at your sight and she should not grieve.

And (remember) when you killed a man, then we delivered you from distress and grief and tested you well. Then you stayed for many years among the people of midian, and then you came here according to an appointment decreed. O’ Moses! A.S.

Surah –E- Taha(36-40):

In this way it was revealed on the mother of Moses A.S and a responsibility was put to her shoulders through Divine command to save Moses A.S from oppression and tyrannies of Pharaoh who did not spare even a single child of Bani Israel since long time, because this child had to become a venerable messenger of Allah later on.

Mothers are all in higher stature by Lord Almighty but the mother of prophets were patient upon so many hardships and trials of life and truth. They were the true believer of Almighty Allah’s favors. In the HOLY QUR’AN the descriptions for Prophet Moses A.S are mentioned on various Surat and his mother’s descriptions is also there. May Allah bless the souls of such splendor beings who were so obedient to their Creator and they were too fortunate souls who got the Creator’s great favors.

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