My Visit To Delhi & Kashmeeri Gates


It is been pleasure to be at such places, such place which once considered to be the entrance of Sultans, Kings or Queens. Places where once the royal bloods were allowed their royalty, their sawariees like elephants and the camels and the horses. Their royal grander, their glorious aptitude and amplitude, their honor and respect, their greet celebrations beyond their expectations, their splendid gratitude and their welcome from those huge gates with shown respect and down to earth necks by slaves and the people of sub servants. This what the history told us and people of seventeen to eighteen century keep going on through this practice with due course.

In 2009 this is end view mere beginning of 2010 twenty ten now a day sun rises it shines the same the way it do before two centuries but now there is no sultans and kings to be awaited now these places are similarly crowdy but converted. Now these places are the wonder places. Where there is the biggest market of clothes especially for the wedding ceremonies. These days converted all history and background of these places as the most important business of time. The bridal wears the clothes of each type fashionable in reasonable prices. These gates are full of people all the time because represents the central city. Shops having stalls, eatables and of course the traditional dresses as retail market all there.

Internally through entrance of DELHI GATE there is ‘Gurudwara’ as well the worship and holy place for shiks. The door for that ‘Gurudwara’ is as old as the place itself when their holy traditional days come shiks of India came to this holy place and having ‘Urse’ type ceremonies. They considered still that their ancestors are still resting and alive here. Once upon a time it is not only said but also stated by men of history as it repeats itself it is the most holy and respected place for the shiks and still it is for them. This place becomes so crowdy and awkward all the gaint size sheiks come here and start their traditional holy acts. How that ‘Gurudwara’ inside it is my lust to be seen but as the door was locked up with heavy chains and big bang lock I was unable to be inside it is said by the people of the place that it is just open once in a year during shiks visit. As curiosity is always killing element I have wondered that what happen inside. What exactly there is in the ‘Gurudwara’? But I come across to know that inside there are graves of scared people of that religion that have been worshipped by the race here after of this religion.

‘’All religions are scared, it is up to the believers that how much they believe in it and be on the righteous path.

Belief is like wax if it burn it will die, when it die it becomes thick.’’

So far every person need religion it is up to his hunger how much he get it and smuggled it digest it and stay healthy. I am getting out of way I guess I must write on religion than I put this theory on that topic. Here interestingly I’m writing about my visit of Lahore’s most important gates where I have been shopping, investigating, searching, looming, wandering, wondering and been effected of fit if history. This is what a writer is ‘experience of one man knowledge for thousands.’’

I have visited that place but all of you are also now on the path through your imagery eyes of mind and soul. However ‘Gurudwara’ was interesting perhaps that was graveyard inside but as the graves are scared for the believers of that religion so that what ever they belief it is religion for them. More interestingly ‘Guru Granth’ the holy book of this religion is being originated pioneer of ‘Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev’ and after that the leading ten Gurus similarly explore their religious journey by excersing the spiritual ballads, conscience based songs and holy hymns.

That is knowingly interesting and keenly entertaining for the knowledge of the different religion. Lead to that ‘Google’ is fabulously fantastic which round the world in words to read, to know, to write, to explore and to make a person aware of world of different phases and phrases around.

As I stated that retail cloth market was huge and interesting to shop on. Wedding dress designer wear all their even it named as now days as Azam market where as in previous centuries it was called as ‘Chota bazar’. Wuhhhh the place was ancient and apart of rare heritage of Pakistan the walls, the turns and the narrow lanes all spoke history with me. As I was walking through I have been thinking that it might be possible that once any sultan disguise himself and be here just to be have survey of his ruling area markets and people. I wished to catch the area through the digital camera but as usual I forgot to bring as it remains in custody of my junior stubborn brother.

As far as the Kashmiri Gate is concern (made in direction of master piece of beauty of Lord Kashmir), the most fabulous thing about it that there is a girl’s school inside it. Well it is school in 2009 and beginning 2010 where as centuries before it is royal residence, a beautiful haveli of a shah a great master piece of Muslim Mugal architecture. It is like Mehal too good and splendidly arranged. Uniquely these gates are standing from last two and half centuries and still are there with the same grander. These gates represent the identity of their own time and infact of era representing in the same way as they it appears.

Consequently, the place is focal point of ancient era and represents the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Alas, those places are not much promoted and in care as they deserve even than strong enough that can be stand still another coming two centuries.

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