My World ……..


‘’Today is Mother’s day, my son and you didn’t wished me yet since morning shine is getting old in its appearance. ‘’

A lovable mother asked her adorable son. She arranged the table of breakfast for his sole son and demanded in her passion from his only son to wish her with the precious gestures, salience commands her right after this statement ….

Here appears ……. A smart guy of a decent arranged looks, with a appealing height, very well dressed, blushed face, sharp eagle observed eyes with naughty accent……..He is trying to fit a tie to his neck to adjust his collar; he gracely smiled and made a impressive speech of his engraved feelings:

‘’All days are Mother’s day, my morning, my evening, my night….my sight has no limit to sound to design any time limit or price to conduct any frame of such importance……….’’

He lowers the gaze than quickly sprigged them up standing in front of his mother instead of mirror, while keep adjusting his tie….. At that moment as the mirror replaced in his mother’s eyes and he wonderfully keeps going on his impressive words:

‘’Every day is special in your presence, in your existence, every day is special and precious when you are with me, every day is a mother’s day. I can’t think, I imagine, I can’t dream a life of a despair or moment of night mare without you. You are MY WORLD, MY MOTHER; every day is a Mother’s day…….’’

Ahhhhh… he naughtily sighs and keeps going……. While giving glance to a mirror and then caught the sight of his mother again and continuation to his speech, his eye contact with her mother was naughtily very sound and sourceful, passionate in his expression:

‘’My world is splendid garden of roses in the womb of heavens when my time, my moments advanced with your presence, with your divine love, with your essence of beauty. You are MY WHOLE WORLD, MY MOTHER……… You teach my senses of very senses firstly to be acquainted to be guided, to be obedient to yours, your love is the divine essence of mine, I am apparently different separate being though this body, of my existence, all in all essence of yours……… All days are Mother’s day……You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER ……..’’

She smiled beautifully, her presence her face was glowing of her inner emotions of motherly instinct her glomming eyes honored with the essence of grace given her by divine source and by the rare respect in practice by her son, she happily blinks her eyes though shining like twinkle stars and still smiled with graceful salience; as she given the proper opportunity to her son to finish where he started …….

And he continues certainly in same motion, still juggling with tie, in same polite gesture, in more delicate way out, where making his expression more impressionistic:

‘’You are the only person I know when take first breath, I have taken the second because you wished, you cared, you dared, you allowed and you grasped me, wrapped me in your warm arms, in your presence, my presence is honored of the special existence of being recognized as a crown of creations……. All days are mother’s day ….. You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER………’’

His mother glooms more with sense of pride this time, laughed on his son’s gestures not yet tie up and adjusted the collar, she certainly approached in seconds and lets this stuff be done by her graced hands as she always do.

She gazed him with essence of honor and with little cackling coached him to tie up, as she always do from last many years and still the successful son can do impossible hard things very easily by his gifted skills easily and possibly and even can climb the highest of mountain out of his confidence and ambitious nature but he didn’t yet seek to handle his own neck’s tie as perhaps he never want to learn it so that his mom always pamperly do for him.

‘Hey mom…… I was just little near to be done that… He pretendedly remarked…….’’

His mother gazed him ironically and suggested ‘’ Hmmm …. I have seen my son how much expert you are handling your own tie…….’’

He laughed irresistibly and trapped of his little weakness but in front of his mother his weakness is also nothing but a fun because he is so natural and open and so lovably harmonized by his gracious mother. He resounds and rebound the same words of honor to her mother:

‘’Hey Mom, You are the best mom ever, and you the greatest of all moms’ the rest of world ever know…… You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER’’

His mother tied up the tie and adjusted it well as she always do and patted him with sense of honor and sign her to have his breakfast as he always spend much time over it and rest of time spend to scroll the newspaper ….. She said:

‘’ My dear you this is not about my worth to be stated, this is just to wish a mother for a special day …….’’

As she wanted to continue her statement the son immediately interrupted and speaks in his sustained accent:

‘’ Every day is a special day when I wake up and see your morning smile, you are sky for me, you are my land, you are my honor, you are respect, you are my inspiration, you are my motivation, my courage to obtain to sustain, you are my solace, the serenity of life, the core essence the adversity of all hidden passions, you are my myth to idealize life, you are my doctrine to equalize my actions, you are my religion to follow, you are my sun shine, You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER…….. I couldn’t be imagine to breathe without you, I couldn’t think to take step ahead, you are my soul groomer, my teacher, my purpose….. You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER……..’’

He sat down while keeping the tender hands of his mother and still continues:

‘’ I have realized so many times my imbalanced foot even now I am young but always the advice of yours; prayers of yours are the path of redemption for me, the preference of yours is my first option all the way in life, the preservence I have is all your given the practices I have all your given, the conduct I have is all your given, the positive attitude I have is all your given ………. You are MY WORLD MY MOTHER……..’’

His mother smiled and sign to begin his breakfast to finish it before leaving but he is so emotionally attached to make his speech be delivered to this very day and his words could sound that depth which he really mean. He wanted to express all his passionate sentiments today which could rarely be expressed and this life could provide such chance to enhance them or cash them in front of our loved ones…… he said further:

‘’ Your instinct is harmlessly secured, you the precious gift of Nature to me that couldn’t be thanked in simple words, you are my sound reality the rest all mortal, and my relationship with you is the divine essence of Providence. You are my eyes, my sight when I am in darkness, you are my light whenever I need, and you are source of breathing, whenever I am in darkness you are my way to follow…….… MY WORLD is charming, alluring, magical, magnetic, phenomenal truth……My World is all about you, it surrounds you, it’s around you MY MOTHER…….. You are MY WHOLE WORLD MY MOTHER…….. All days are mother’s day, every day is Mother’s day in our lives, in our culture, in our lives, we don’t believe only a day celebration for your presence, every day is my beginning is you, my day’s end upon you…. I can’t be the part of the culture where a society celebrates a day and rest the mother deserves the old house…… NO, Not at all ……. You are MY WHOLE WORLD MY MOTHER…….. All days are mother’s day, every day is Mother’s day ’’

‘’ My son you are so elaborative today in your expression ……. Alright I know my son adores me a lot more than I think to be………. Your emotions are deep I know I don’t cost but priceless in your heart…….  ‘’

She wanted to express her honorable feelings in that due course but his son does not want to lose this momentum of time, this very opportunity to render her unexpressed gestures ever, that could have the words of clothes today, he feels himself lucky over this chance, he thought his lot is sound and graving that his enriched engraved emotions today enlightened to the external version that’s always preserved in heart……

He grasped the newspaper, but today not much interested in news because his mind, his soul and his emotions are so expressive in front of his the precious being The Mother, he speaks to himself how well defined my mom is, she knows how she worth precious in my heart ………..He again sounds aloud:

‘’ Mother, you are m sole amiable, admirable source that could harmonized my life so easily, sometimes I may get hyper in front of view but you never did, you always care that tears from my eyes are like killing spirit to you……. Mom you always peep into my heart through yours how could so easily you know what I require, your presence is my highest most earning in my life …….. All days are mother’s day; every day is Mother’s day …… You are MY WHOLE WORLD MY MOTHER……..’’

He finished the breakfast by taking two to three sips of juice and get ready to leave, his mum gives him daily routine looks, he always love to have the insistence of, in her assistance till to his car he leaves the main door and approached to car, drive it smartly and speaks to himself,

‘’Whatever I do, will never be enough and couldn’t be enough for my mother as her given deeds to me are uncalculated ……..’’

He smiled gracefully and gratefully and sense of calmness prevail in his whole body and soul, his inner self thanked to his Lord Almighty; the Omni-eminent and he freely approached to his day waiting out for his business deals……. He thought in himself:

‘’ Mum will definitely enjoy the gift in her room for this occasion that could never be missed at any cost …………..’’

At home his mother get back to room to adjust few things and realized the beautiful bunch of flowers, a wonderful wrapped gift and an amazingly bravo greeting card that says not the debate their but few words that derive tears of happiness in her eyes :

‘’ Mamma, I love you….. You are equally my mum and dad ….. You are MY WHOLE WORLD MY MOTHER…….. You remember well this phrase which I use to speak first time when I was three years old………… My World My Mother ’’


A Short dialogue story ….. I have depicted the character of son to deliver the speech of the importance of grace of mother because daughters left their mothers one day and the other woman ( daughters in law ) being positioning couldn’t be daughter in same phase…………….

But sons remain with the presence from the first day to end or till the time they can be …… So this speech is to provide the evidence of the importance that cannot be denied so take care of your mothers, love them, adores them in the same essence they did when we were subject to a measurement of few inches.

The return of mother’s love, their essence, their emotions, cannot be done till the rest of time or world’s existence. Mother is the precious most priceless gift of nature that couldn’t be equalizing any other precious subjective or objective reality of life…………

Dedicated to all Great Mothers

‘’ My world…… My whole world ….. Mother you are my whole world…… ‘’

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