Myth-Is It Reality Or Imagination


This is major concern to understand the meaning of the MYTH first that what is the basic theory behind it. Why people refer to the Myth when they quote the examples of the past or why people mention the references from the myth when ever they disclose History. Through Myth is History, Science, Religion may explain well and with out it, is it incomplete?

Such question must arise in the sane mind that wants and believe in logical grounds of understanding. Myth is logically something where truth is out, and it is historically personifications of characterization allegorically. It defines the Human stature by referring it and by raising it to the stature of deities. That explains the Human up to that stature just to show this creature a supreme that might have certain qualitative and disqualitative idiosyncrasies. Further this quote defines well:

“Myth is truthful, but figuratively so. It is not historical truth mixed with lies; it is a high philosophical teaching that is entirely true, on the condition that, instead of taking it literally, one sees in it an allegory.”

The term “Myth” is often used colloquially to refer to a false story; however, the academic use of the term generally does not refer to truth or falsity. In the study of folklore, a myth is a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to be in their present form. Many scholars in other fields use the term “Myth” in somewhat different ways. In a very broad sense, the word can refer to any traditional story.

If this isn’t immediately obvious, consider these questions about truth: Is truth absolute or relative? If absolute, how would you define it? Would everyone agree with you? If relative, wouldn’t some say your truth is a falsehood?

Myth to some extend is the height of Human imagination where characters are human deities with universal controls in their hands, with strength and with different sort of supreme powers that have the mighty concepts. Human imaginations raise few humans who are might be possible fittest in strength or in mental caliber to the level of demi and semi- god and goddesses. Allegorically these characters are raise to the height that statues might caricatured for them and the universal signs as Sun, Moon and other planets, heavens are the related ruler arena and the majestic signs for them.

Religion and Science don’t believe in allegory or personifications but in the logic and as so the sane mind of Human. To understand Human there are lots of other ways, Reality and Truth of the objectivity and subjectivity is important before making tales or the Mythical or historical stories. So far Myth is just the characterization or the personification and allegorically enhanced psychic folktales; The Truth (Divinity), The Reality(Knowledge), The logic (Science) and The Belief (Religion) is out there…….

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