Nature….. Pre Nature


Sound is the most vital element that Nature invented this because of this important element that Universal realities come true. This world has been begun with the profound sound and will end with the unique one too soon as per promise of Lord Almighty.

Nature is the source of light to world which can establish the way of optimism towards the original goal but so far the materialist world not honoring the same. The opportunities besides are the witness that this seen world is covered of unseen world and unseen world is much stronger than the conventional, connectional and perceptional Truth beyond reach.  As this is also calculated by nature that humans superseded by those instinctive needed and feeder thoughts which nature has bestowed the action beyond the control of nature are the actions which can not be justified but the wrong ones and that laid down the realities and Truth nonetheless far long.

‘’ Sound is the Voice of nature, sometimes melodies that one can do nothing but just simply enchanted by it ,sometimes soul taking that one can easily be the part of horrible reality that can take breath away. The voice of nature mostly stays the soothing win the waves of air and light but it’s another side must shown in the darkness and weirdness. This is reality and Truth of Nature and always manifested and twofold with two ways, rays acknowledgment’’.

Nature is destined and pre-defined it can be imitated little but mostly stays instinctive and calculated as suggested. It can be nurse it can nurturing it can resemble, it can be mirror to the acts. But it can be violent as well. When ever we have to calculate the identities or realities of nature we must cross parallel in scale the both sides.

Pre-Nature is that Nature is pre-defined and well revealing itself it is under curtains yet it explores and reveals itself to outside to every breathing creatures. To realize and understand the beginning is most vital evidence to the on going process and the ending. Where there is beginning there is ending as well.

Pre-evident, pre-realized, elevating and elating Nature is the forecast of its own reflection. It does not need any image to beautify or purify the dignity of its’ own but it is pre-destined that it contains the breathing on the phase of earth through inventing creatures of different species.

Consciously or unconsciously Nature is revealing and makes speech in the nature wide areas of hills, mountains and greenly lands. It is truly very close to human to talk with and to educate the topics Nature like itself. The purpose to compose the lyrics for Nature is own realization that nature is the pre-defined and EVER LIVING and EVER SUSTAINING reality that just be known to those who spare time to peep in themselves.


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