On The Wings of An Angel…


    What you do is in your Nature

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave ………
Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that, it exceeds the earthly standards, worldly aspects and its extension brought …..

What I would say no earthly humane feelings but they also exceed moreover than, yeah more than that and more than anything and more than everything ……………..

Wings are the fascination, fascination of my fascination, I been always fancy them if I would be a bird I would be much enhanced of this fancy in real that is pleasant experience of flying in the air while having the ecstasy as the life’s need, life’s way and life’s routine ….

Possibly it was possible to see the world while flying, possibly it was alive and dead the same, it was alluring and weird the same, it was pleasant and ugly the same, it was of happiness less and full of worries and miseries in same instance ….

What you do is in your Nature ….Truth is that, and true is not the statement but the depth of it that what you do is in your Nature….. Instincts never be over fluids or over flourishes but they could be when they are subject to Nature’s capture.

Now the nature capture is of various aspects but the keen one is that nature itself allures and dominates what the instincts and the consensus consume they perform the same. The extract of nature may perceive or conceive by the outer source of nature or might perfume or illuminated by the inner source, the perception directs the actions and conceptions maketh them willeth…….

What nature can do, it just does …….sometimes predictably and most often unpredictable it does not even alarms for the certain catastrophes but it has its own count ability full and final in totality.

There are signs …..Even in bearing the worst tragedy there is enjoyment of instincts of nature, even killing self in gaining self through worst there been also hidden charm of instincts of nature.

Flying on the wings, cling with the twins and watch around in the air with watery eyes weak eyes though it’s charmingly risk but has its own taste of instincts of nature. Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that……Fascination of fancy it is keenly important for sane and even for insane.

Sane charms it in senses where the conscience expand and consciousness recalled what nature sounds, voice in and the same one get aloud whereas insane has no boundary of senses the foundations and limitations crossed, fired and exceed to the level of nature that nature will not communicate or conversate through curtains but by the character himself…………..

Wings, white wings, an angel wings and the flight over such wings kinda like to see, to hear, to taste and to feel nature very closely, nearly and dearly. An angel is pure, innocent; the innocence which does not know the trap of sin and sin is not made for an angel to commit, an angel is orderly being, the being who took the orders and be submissive for the actions as stated. An angel is by light and light is to spread. The spreading has the power to rule over; the rule is what subdues of what be….

So the selection for the pure innocent aspects is easy to be on the track and be consistently absorbed with their magnificence of it that beautify each day, each moment they glory of it could rise up to have the flight over the while wings of an angel……Woah! What a dream I have had though with the open eyes or while fallen asleep ……

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave…..Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that….

    What we do is in our Nature…. What you do is in your Nature….. What I do is in my Nature….What Nature does it is in ITS Nature …..

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