This is the ultimate truth that the CREATOR is undoubtedly ONE. His ONENESS is the sign of Almighty and Glory of His actions. Centuries ago many pagans ought to believe in other concepts they start thinking conceptionally that GOD’S PRESENCE is just and must but His world is just like the earthly beings. Those pagans were misguided by Satan to think and act upon.

Since ADAM was created this high stature KALMA TAIABA written in THE LUH-HAY-MAHFOOZ (book of fate) which reveals the ONENESS of Allah Almighty and that MUHAMMAD (PBUH) are the least PROPHET of ALLAH.

Since all the Prophet and Apostles bring the same religion on the phase of earth to taught Mankind and their theme and purpose behind the same the guidance of Mankind and to admit, commit and convict upon that Allah is one and no one can be like HIM as HE is the MAJESTY, CREATOR, SUSTANINER, ETERNAL, THE MOST POWERFUL AND THE GREATEST who can control the day and night, every living species, HE is responsible to fed to HIS every creative living species.

All Apostles taught verily the way to bestow upon Him and the guide line to adopt the accessories and the true convicted way to lead their lives so that they can Reward in the end. Their revelations are Just and for the betterment of Mankind or the people who are followers of them in that era. They guided them to bestow to the Creator who remains merciful to them hereafter the death of this life. Their teachings based on none but on the authentication because all revealed to them was directly by the LORD; the CREATOR who is ONE.

Sine we humans categorized the ages to know the our own identity of past and history which itself revives now and than there are different stages of man to be developed in convert in today’s image where Man made world is so fascinating that he has no time to praise his own mind and body as an earthly being while standing in front of mirror. He starts praising his appearance without noticing that in his figure’s back the art work is of NATURE. Today man is so powerful considered on the basis of money that is also man made thing only for earthly use. Man is today the creator the architect of skyskpers but even than the views are panics about the CREATOR!!

Since the day first the reality is ONE and till the day end and even hereafter the reality remain the same. ONENESS is the actual reality of LORD that can not be estimated. One who don’t believe in the oneness or existence of Allah he has just dead soul and his inner self has no light to understand the truth and light of the CREATOR.

There is no GOD but one and He is the fittest MIGHTY and the divine source who is eternal. There is no one who can control the east and west and the whole universe.

Oneness of Allah is the reality which is mention in Holy Quran in various Verses. It is also mentioned in other religion’s receipts that ALLAH IS ONE and his ONENESS IS ALL SPREAD.


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