Out of Castles….


    There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the Fate Eternal ………See out of castles….
    The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed….
    The lamb…the shore… the ocean…the door ….. All are out of castles….

The reflection you see in the faces of others is proof enough of the happiness you bring them. Arrogance from others you ignore with a calm attitude but warmth you absolutely adore. There will be a lot of that coming from different quarters.

You may even have to fight some of them off, but things can’t get better the way it’s looking now. You will find it very easy to follow your luck today as there is a wonderful feeling of something unexpected in the atmosphere today while you mingle with new people.

You could be at your peak today with this glorious life style beckoning to you. The reflection you see in the faces of others…..

There is always a silver lining there, whenever you see the reflection the same of the mirror of reality while roaming the world while watching each faces, while exploring the smile of faces and while travelling with in travelling …….

Out of castles there is huge world of wonders, mysteries are obvious there the flying birds spreading the magnificent inspiration whenever shore their colorful wings, outdoors the air, the blowing wind, the greeneries, the high peaks, the beautiful mountains, the land of peace, the land with magnificent scenes, all are out of castles…… All are

And I want to be out of castles of royalty to the moderate life, to see all the Nature bestow to this world and I want to feel the Divine Essence of the Divine peace all around the universe, I want to count the stars while laying on wet grass in the midnight and then recount them again and again so that I can associate my emotions with them ………

I want to be a moderate …….I want to be a common layman to walk around to carry a stick in hand and touch the ground and tap my feet on my heart beat melody ………

I want to be out of castles to know the world and to catch the butterflies in my soft palms and then see them with staying in my palms for a while and then let them free, this can be only enjoyed when I’ll be out of the castles ….. I want to dance while showering in the waterfalls, walking softly on the soft transparent stones……..
I want to be moderate ….. I want to be what my imagination alarms me … I ought to be the cheater of my fancy…..I want to be an imitator of my own precious fantasies……..I want to be what I am and in same instance what I am not ……..I want to fly, fly and fly above the highest mountains and to sit on the top of branches to see down, to see around, to see up and above the skies ……..

I want to be moderate, though the excess is my demand, though thought access is my will, me and my demands, me and my desires, me and my world, me and my all fullest fantasies……….

I want to be what the want made up of ……..I want to be ……..whatever my thinking emerges in the character, I want my thinking character to be in physical, the character that may link with the instincts and dive in the oceans of knowings ……… I want to be moderate, though the excess is my demand; thought access is my will ….

I want the want to be free for my free will….I want the want for my will for my will as the will of the magnificence roams and rare around ….I want to be out of castles ….. I want the transparent colors my colors, I want the colors of colors with in all the colors … I want to be moderate… I want to be out of castles ……because:

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles….
The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

What if I’ll be out? Tell … though I am royal but I am the same as you Nanny and I want the day out, out of these castles, these huge walled castles associated with my birth and associated with my origin, associated with my youth, associated with my limits, associated with my boundaries, associated with my barriers, my grooming, my whole growth, associated with my orbits of happiness, orbit of cynosure measures, associates with my circles of breathing and even associated with my upfront onward destiny and of course associated with my death……

What if one day or few I just spend the way want be free in? What be?

Though my age is dominant and elder’s dominance in experiences, I accept but you guide me that all my belongings and longings they are partial partner connotation to the imagination?

My fancy is just subject to fantasy or you do think that all my speech is just the curiosity or courtesy of the fairy tales you use to… tell me or the bed time stories make up my mind up this level of fantasies………..Tell Nanny?

(The Royal blood the young girl of very delicate age with growing thoughts, with cultivated innocence, with suspension of intensity of knowing and with spirit of exploring spoke and spoke individually non-stop with pause to have all the answers at once, to have all desires fulfilled as she practically sees for the Royals everything is easy even the unpredictable life which never be friendly with the layman)

Nanny you went out there how you find the rays of light and the ways of light? How you find the wave of air and the breath in the air? Is it the same here indoors in the castles or differently free or emancipated? How come? Tell ……….

(The Nanny is the most polite woman, very lovable more than a mother more than naturally older not by appearance but by intellect. She loves the Royal child more than her own because the face, the soul and the girl’s wisdom and purity is the most gracious and most precious on the phase of earth …….

The Nanny promised the Royal child on her special day to share all the major experiences she knows about the life and what her two older eyes see and the Royal girl’s young eyes didn’t yet ……)

The day comes. And the royal girl is so desperate to know all the knowing that fulfill her imaginative consciousness…..

The Nanny know about lot of life and life’s rolling tracks and she can open the window out of castles to the delicate girl by her profound realistic speech but she infact wants the girl remains the same as she is presently she knows the girl more than herself as her older eyes has all the visionary powers that the young eyes don’t yet even than the young eye’s visionary powers can’t be unestimated or can’t be overestimated ……….

Now this was the time to fulfill the vow which the nanny did with the innocent young girl to advance her in her knowledge, she was hesitant only because of the fact that the royal bloods never sees through the holes of cloth of life as the workers do, she sees and watched her growing she knows it’s not justice to make the girl so wiser and older before the time and before her age and actions demands.

Nanny wants that the girl remains in the same frame, and watch the picture of life from the same wonderful frame she does all the time while awake, while sleep, while playing, while talking, while walking, while thinking and while every attribute of her living levels…….

Nanny was wiser and older she begins with the story to advice the girl …..

She begins my dear you know the story of Rose and Lily? The girl so utterly No I didn’t.. Nanny said Hmmmm alright so my sweetheart you would like to listen? She said of course but it seems kinda like bed time type story ….. Nanny said hmmm so it seems to you like that … She said yeah ….

Nanny smiled and see deep inside the light green eyes of the child and she realized that this time the wiser tricks and resolutions will not work as the girl is brushed with the realistic approach to know outside of the gates in a direct speech……

Nanny took the chance to be elaborative in the eloquence of direct and realistic speech now she said come my royal majesty sit comfortably and tone your ears, sense of listening and power of hearing to the pitch of my words and voice….

The girl affirmatively submits her expressions and actions submissive to obedience and sweetly demands the statements that fulfill her charms of imagination to the wiser intellect.. .. She sits dearly and nearly to Nanny and smiled the way the joy of joys are over whelmed

Nanny says, my dear whenever I see you so closely my heart gets the peace from your presence, my innocent child the world you see through your visionary eyes are the most fabulous and full of hyper Excellency, the universe to whom you belong is the higher in ecstasy of ecstasy and it has the scales of all the luxurious aristocracy my majesty’s royal blood demands and deserves ……..

The life beyond that especially out of castles unfortunately does not seems the destiny you are enjoying inside indoors of castles. The life out side is full of yellow eye, full of jaundice eyes and full of uncolored cloth of character.

The life outside of castles is a character that is splited various in personality and has the darkness half of the side and second half with dim lightness. The character that juggle with the tricks within and resolutions outside, a character which walks and yet stays still and when stay still then roams around the world in seconds …….

A character who believes to rise, rise and rise until the lamb becomes the lion …. A character that may be destroyed but cannot be defeated, yet destroyed many times in best of times and in worst of times and yet defeated in best of times and the worst of times.

Time is timely prayer, timely player time knows the movements of orbits, time knows the ages of era’s, the era’s of millenniums an surely the ages within ages of millenniums……

This character is all in all what can enhance, what can pretend, what can describe and what can dive with in self, the shelve of self is secretive, very secretive, very majestic and charming but inside the box the jewels of realistic ornaments are not the jewels that can be wear or access so easily.

No they couldn’t because these jewels are as I said majestic their rays of glitter may astound and may take the human breath and human sight away …… I will not deny my innocent child that,

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles….

The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….
But the existence does not fame the reality unless the reality exists itself as a character, this happens when the miseries be the hand stick, tragedies be the clothing and catharsis be the hand bag to carry to save and to hide.

The Royal girl’s light green pupils were stuck and stay still when she heard such erotic deep words from Nanny her charms of imagination kinda like getting the another aspect of rays that open the wide up doors in her consciousness of the consequences of directions and she was observant and introvert now compelling and comparing the words, sentences, thoughts parallel to each other, it seems that her mental capability hands the scale and her intellect trying to stabilize to create, to quest and to make the equilibrium in both ways of learnings …..

The girl stay quite but her eyes speak out of curiosity and sign to have more of sentences that could not be unsentenced her mental natural resources …..

Nanny as usual instinctively high enough always guess all the onwards happenings out of her experiences and her rare sense that could not be conclude in any appearing sense ….. She said dear you asked me,

‘Nanny you went out there how you find the rays of light and the ways of light? How you find the wave of air and the breath in the air? Is it the same here indoors in the castles or differently free or emancipated? How come? Tell ……….’

My dear the rays of light out of castles are not showered with purity as they seems to you indoors of castles though the rays of light are direct but they have many vapors that evaporates and rise various spirit at once, in instances the light rays bring the different senses, consents and awakening knowledge which is different for the mother to child and child to mother, from father to son, and son to father, from sister to sister, from brother to sister, from friend to friend and from man to woman …..

Each ray of light has vapors, vapors that evaporate, that consummate, that conversate and that teaches the signs to those who emerge their characters in sense of emotions and sense of touch of life…..

Life out of castles is wholly the curtain that opens to the new stage of tough performers, performers who work hard to realize their own abilities to travel the journey of life road outside there …….

Performers who stay in spell of their practices they make the justice with the performance and the performers who watch others for the acting caliber they lose somewhat as they depend and shows dependency over other performer to credit own….

The quite performers are the best in act attribute, the talkative performers are best in deception of their deceptive often speeches, the performers good to watch and connected to the protagonists are the performers play jess with hide and seek technique……

The performers stay watchers they count on time, they count and count until they reach to examine the counting be the right, the performers bi-side leaves the stage and appears at once they are ironical and ironically captured in the mirror of untenured and untangled ecstasy…..

The performers who brilliantly admire the circus of courageous daring performers they are the characters who provide even tongue to vague mirrors and the clear water of rivers maketh them the mirror that beholds the beauty to the watcher …..

The life out of castles is a huge stage all the performers are unready to ready play their roles with script or without script. With said dialogues or the situational dialogues…. The actors and the actresses all are with characters though with their own or though with the splited gowned …..

I may die hundred thousand times over your innocence my child your young eyes are visionary they are full of life, full of life that have the colors bright and charismatic. Your fantasies are not double, they are not falsified, they are not impure, they are modest and add on your charm of innocence but dear the world around it is in orbits known or unknown schismatic and in captured in the bottle of chauvinism.

There’s the high attitude of supervisory and superiority toward other living members and on the contrary the complexity below the complexes…. The personalities out of castles are not majestic my majesty they are covered and complied in complexes, perplexed in complications and complicatedly incomplete …… The completion is out sourced…..

(While answering to the girl the wiser and the older Nanny calculating the expression of young girl as well and she apprehend and appreciates that she is sharp headed to get all the lines she is drawing for the painting of her speech to the majestic girl’s sane question ……) She shortened her words now on while prescribing that my dear though,

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles… The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

She continues and adds, when it comes to ways of light, my child the ways are also the double of double, all the performers use them for and from their means of earning whatever their wills sword them and lay them the same…..

Few are bright in their ways of life who conduct the Truth as their light here and above it makes the way itself clear and bright to follow and the rest sale the faith for the appearance purchased believes and the purchased objects are surely for sale to next, the objections of critics of those signs and objections of criticism…..

Subjects are none objects are millions, subjection is rare in extension and objections are double in millions to raise the tool and lead the blind black sheeps with broken sticks ……

Wave of air is fresh yet polluted my daughter, polluted that fish can swim in air and bird can dive in waters yet they survive on the art of killing and upon the natural law that tiny gulped by the giant, lower is to serve the highest……

No the outdoors are not the same indoors, out of castles there are castles of sands, the castles of waters, the castles of air and the castles of shells, they can be easily defeated and easily enslaved …..

Out of castles are the hands trying to restore waters in palms as sanely it can’t be stayed there as water as liquid knows the skill to never stay still……. Out of castles there are the hands who try to catch the sands in the palms despite of the fact the sand also has the same quality that it never stays or never have the command of will from the humans …….

Out of castles the world known where the beings just like the same we are with two legs, with two arms, with two eyes, with five senses and with one head but their aptitude towards the life, their gratitude towards the life and their attitude towards the life is not the same you absorb my dear innocent lamb …..

My majesty you have the answer now make a justice by your sane intellect though outside castles match the life of yours? Do you apprehend the speech I made on your demand? Have had I convinced the philosophy of life outside castles to the psychology inside of castles?

The Royal girl who was as still as the stone, as still as the ice berg, as still as the autumn fallen leave, as still as the statue made in a specific gesture and as still as the aged mountain or aged tree trump ….. She blinks her beautiful deep visionary eyes as during Nanny’s speech she didn’t so that her vision with open eyes may not drop …. She smiled strangely and said,

Though your identifications are much higher in stream and the stream of consciousness there is like oceans of oceans, I am glad to have share a part of your sight that could lit the candle mine stream for the contrary direction for which I never thought earlier but I am more glad of the fact that you agree with:

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles… The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

Both two character’s debate is extraordinarily prime for the knowing the directions, dominances and dynamics of the life notes…….One extraordinary imaginative inspirational and other is over realistic both are the keen characters both have the stream of consciousness, both are the essentials, both have the connotations, both are right in their consents and both stimulate the book of heart in their own individual way, each page of book is interestingly profound, everyone has different quantitative qualities of expressions and impressions ….. Each page of book never stays in memory but the messages do:

Rise, Rise and Rise until the lamb becomes the lion….. Dive, Dive and Dive until the Aquarian is the ocean and species be the livers …….. Walk, Walk and Walk until the child becomes the strong with legs and mount the mouth of giant …..

    There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles…
    The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle…. Different modes of imagination, parallel scales of life and various meduim of thoughts ……..

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