Phantasamgoria in Discussion


Phantoms are usually originated by sub-consciousness, mostly it is said it screw up by the imagination corner of human mind. The free source to understand this term is to give own lamenting own analysis own conscious development through intense imagination.

To narrate the actuality of materials or the cosmetic hyperlinks are easier than to have access till the root cause of realities. As human mental scope and machinery is complicated device that represents many apparent and reality base productivities even then less of reality show and ambiguous in imagery and imaginary world.

This cosmos world, the whole universe is the place of objectivity, life is too short to analyze all the contents the foremost essentiality is the true representation of this as a whole is maketh by Lord the crown of creation ; the HUMAN

Human analysis comes across to the edge where medically, physically so many explorations has been done but mentally and psychologically humans are still under cover. Man represents as nature’s master piece where Lord displayed the analytical and identical work. Human mind and psychology rarely has been judged but as far as it could, it consists of:

Imagination Stimulus = Learning = knowledge = memory
Consciousness Aura; Concentration vibrations to body cell, conscious Mind
Unconsciousness Connected – conditioned reflex; exponent of inferiority Complex, psychic nature, behaviorism & determinism
Sub- Consciousness Semi consciousness, dead area of personality forgettable And sleepy corner, telepathy and hallucinations

More over there are few important and vital components also which are connected to the mental and psychological terminology as well:

Metaphysics Meditation; law of attraction
Spirituality World of soul and its’ learning
Synchronicity Inter-connectedness, co-incidences; means a question or thought on which one asks question him/her self and after a while through any exercise, experience or condition have answer by own self

The idealism which has been vindicated from human need of introvert perfection which he wants to be sorted out sprang out and wide spread in the same way. This utopia is somewhat also interlinked with the internal need to know, the world; as outer course and MAN himself as a creation inner course.

The knowledge that deals to know the outer layers of realities objectivity vindicated in all these above mentioned terminologies. Similarly beneath the surface the same terminologies have the human internal and external life blue prints. As per Astolation concept  ‘ COPY OF COPY ‘ this Phenomena known as ‘ACT OF CREATION ‘ in time with seriality and implicate order. There are certain curious principles in nature’s time frame of creation of such a being as Man that at a same time explores the self awareness as well as the knowing of unknown. Psycho narration of an individual tends and prevents, provoke and duke the bias of existence and pre-mature existence of human kind.

The pre-existence may refer to ‘WORLD CLOCK’ and to the ‘LIFE CLOCK’ where the underlying the psychic structure of man kind can be juggled with the evolution and evolutionary theory.

Man is amphibian because twofold imagination, stimulation of learning ,knowledge and memory preserved inside through which human can be master and jack of all acts, arts and can measure, can create the idealistic utopian world. Through imagination can be determine the source of heavens and with out that remains only the beastle and brutal thinker .The vision that may provoked by imagination of knowledge , learning and course may have the vague reality until may case above to substantial reality . The thought that not capsule and compensate to the outer world remains the back up of mind which now or then may knock the door of sub consciousness to unconsciousness till to consciousness.

Imagination is the vital source for human to understand to grotesque and picturesque the unknown, it some times reflects by consciousness, sometimes by semi and unconsciousness. What ever be the source works, it vomits out the nerve’s time and work machine, Writers, artists, architectures, planners and utopians fundamentally the best believers and pragmatically fall in this category.

Consciousness works outermost where the mind present to the identical and seen world where nervous system respond to understand the science of knowledge about worldly and cosmology where universe itself is a subject for human conscious mind to study.

The critical part of HUMAN to understand is the semi-consciousness and unconsciousness which is to some extend interrelate of imagination which brings out the stream of consciousness itself. The topic under discussion PHANTASMGORIA is directly or indirectly, deliberately or undeliberately, diversely or undiversely is the invasion of imagination part.

As psychology is all over the science of mental conduct and science of behaviorisms that also interlinked with metaphysical, metaphorical and substantial realities. The images that stay beyond the curtains of eyes in frame work of anxiousness of unconscious mind one or an instance may sprang out to the conscious mind.

DREAMS are the work station of dummy mind captured the spiritual and emotional feelings and also the semi consciousness. The dream that appears to be the truth in an instance where one just trap and caught in the situation and consequence that may not alter and once come to the soul of consciousness (wake up) he gets the idea that mind station makes the world of phantom and stories where the personality just suffers the situation which has not ever appeared or bestowed in the conscious world. This is what the PHANTASAMGORIA.

Unconsciousness is the dreamy and sleepy part of mental obsession HALLUCINATION is also one of the target work of it when a personality is twofold and over dwell in the mental exercise where one can feel and images appears in front of him/her exactly the same which is the mind make up certainly.

Though in this aggressive and progressive world of knowledge where human has invincibly increase the power of known to unknown yet desirably still unable to understand his frame of mind completely. This may remains the mystery or may not be till the universe goes near to black hole or it may can become the chemistry of other sciences too hereafter.

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