Recession in Period


Rocket science is much complicated that is not the cup of tea to be enjoyed by anyone or everyone. Right!

Similarly, the catastrophic term came into existence since on the phase of earth 9/11 vindicated, the terms known as ‘RECESSION’ WOO! This is not wrong to be said that this is equivalent to the NIGHTMARE and this is also right that this is just like EVIL source which multiplying day by day instead to be recovered.

Since the millennium 2000 began the world is suffering the items and signs which directly picture the world or life nearer to the ARMAGADON. Well! Well! All such terms and conditions over all thought provoking because in this era only sufferers start thinking else where others are spectators or the enjoyers of happenings or waiting and watching the unhappening and up happenings.

Asian Sub-continent the land which was once considered the land of learning, land of estate dealing with and provoking the ideas based on development. The land pragmatic with cultural and agricultural society. The aid of economy was strongest among the all AH ALAS! Its like a dream now a days as the sarcastic and brutal realities that today is that this is the land of back sheeps to be captured in the boundary that not be violated the drawing of this picture is essential to elaborate the term RECESSION because if the developed countries, the people of those hemisphere who strive to conquer far flung galaxies. If they are suffering this period and the unconditioned conditioning then there is no question or not even any answer can be generates for the race who considered to be mere vermin on the phase of earth (sub-continent race; Asians)

The recruitments associations and recruiters are today merely just fabricating the fancies. While suffering the online available vacancies the person having wisdom at first glance can be the best assumer that these are shawallow and fake. The jobs are fascinating but honestly hyperbolic. The vacancies are available is one goodness though it contains fantastic fantasy world faraway from reality.

The major concern in this recession the jobain the workers who are associated with — What are they doing? And the most probable and interesting question what the management is doing?? Ha! Ha! Ha! We need laughter theorpy must here other wise without fitting a bomb in mind it may exploit very very badly.

Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Middle east these are the sapphires what ever they have been through they cover themselves with in time frame with their internal backup sources therefore other due help them same. As they know:




This theory is book written in Asians culture it remains caged in books but the outer world enhanced it as practice. That is why they still surviving with better voltage of electricity with need of water supply with health developed food and WE Asians skins suffering the basic need and necessities.

Educated people think that this recession of foreign collapse of economy or trading investment but by through this we all should understand at least now on that this is not only the collapse of one source on any particular edge. This is world wide act which is acting upon.

It is considered that by the end of 2009 it may reduce and recovered. But these theories of analysis are ambiguous because till yet lingered on.

As hippo can’t fly in the air and horses can’t swim in the water. This recession may never over unless the political ground, the socio-economic conditions, the mythical and the difference of religion and races can’t be sustained to the level where the quote ‘LIVE & LET LIVE’ is obvious.

The conditioning of unconditioned is bestowed by NATURE itself on the phase of earth; this is one essential reason as well. As if earth become the Garden of Eden then why LORD will empty the world and created the Doom’s Day.

Recession these days effecting each aspect and sphere of life. The education getting more and more costly and beyond reaching of common man. The standard systems, the merit system, expenses, lack of true and loyal teachers are missing from the societies of humans. In Every culture education has converted to socio-economic business to some extend which directly effect the psychology of the grown ups and they are unable to understand their actual goals in their lives. The most important component of any society is education where as it is badly effected and caused disturbia. One of the other issues is that the education is not up marked and the qualification are lacking in abilities on the pragmatic and practical grounds.

The professions and professionals, business and it’s faculty, economy and it’s statistics over all around the world effected in the way as we have Tsunami in the ocean of life.

Recession is deeply connected with deeply with depression, as it is major root because as well it can be explained as:

‘’ A recession is when your neighbor losses his job, A depression is when u lose your job.’’

NBER; National Bureau of Economic Research vindicated BCDC; Business Cycle Dating Committee that only originated the definition of RECESSION but also defines it’s phases and impacts in human life calculated as mentioned below :


//                                                            //

(i)        Economic Downfall                           =          Unemployment, No job prospect

(ii)       Bank Corruption                                 =           Lavas dating money, Poverty rating

(iii)      Social Deficits                                      =           Human standard life down fall, psychic

(Impermissibility)                                           Neurotic Problems

(iv)      Trade Deficits & Deficiencies         =           Poor merits & standard, illeratcy  & Backwardness

(v)       Massive Government Budget        =            Slow Gross Domestic Products


(vi)      Rate Increased In Moral                =           Alcoholism, Drugs, Abuses, Neurotic

Deficits                                                                Psychotic causes

With prospect 2008 to 2009 poverty rate highest in division of last 12 years. Due to unemployment, No jobs available, no trade transactions it’s fundamental deficits, poor living standards, demerits all over in social-economic errands, no money exchange and most vitally the bank corruptions and their chemoflage that even 94 banks of only United States of America has been failed which caused the massive and aggressive recession over all, that around the world effects.

To conclude RECESSION, ending up this is not that easy until all the beings in this era worked together for the name sake of the betterment of world statistics, trading growth, economic cycling and social gardening. Without any source of mutual efforts this RECESSION can not be over come.

On phase of earth many national sources suffers this phenomena now and than but they grasp the demerits by implementing the list of merit working to vipe the depression of recession that might eat up the nations in one gulp.

Beginning of 2010 every professional and especially youth waiting for ‘GODOT’ for the Hope, Favor, Mercy, establishment as well as development. Certainly this should be the earnest need at this time when people are already progressively conservative having provoked thought that they effort more and the reward and outcome is less in use. So the circulation of money is like circulation of blood in human body these days in this era in this world as it makes the world go around, producers, consumers all work around it.


Slogan of French revolution is again needed here ……….

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