Religion My Flag


    Breath at length … wishing these days ……..

    All the responsibility lesser or more suppressed or oppressed been forwarded to those who raise the slogan religion as their core activity.

    Yes they are pure or dirty this is not the concern. Whatever they are if they use religion to tag their self ego boastings, self satisfactions for the sake of their false conscience seeding, yes surely they are the culprits ………..

    Culprits, we know them and we don’t punish them …..
    We know them and we assure t doom ourselves not the root cause.

    ‘The act of following is often seen as a lesser state of leading ‘

    Setting Morals High”- When working with others, keep your standards high. Involve yourself in high-quality, team-building enterprises. The result will be successful.

    “Gathering with a Common Cause”- Don’t gather together with the wrong people, let your idea/cause/project will meet with strong objections. Secure those who share your vision. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and you will succeed

    “Sharing of Purpose”- Gathering with others will fuel and enhance the shared purpose. If everyone did not see eye-to-eye at first, they will soon.

    However, the wise person remains cautious and knows that success often comes with associated dangers. Spend your success wisely and save portions for a time of need. Abundance can come and go. Stay in contact with the person within. You are your own best kept treasure. You are what you are seeking, and always have been.

    “The Cauldron”
    But remember that you are what you consume……. Good things come from good thoughts and energies…… To give is to receive actually!!

    Protection comes through intuition in other ways as well
    And as we do unto others so too shall it be done unto us

    The grace of the material world when something is pleasing to the eye, it can fuel success and happiness. The grace of the soul is when is pleasing to the actions engraved to others, it can fuel success and happiness original ………

    Hitting back to the core subject holding a flag of religion does not meant to be clear in thought and direction over the knowledge given by religion, its just the folly and deception to self where conscience unfriend the soul to truth, knowledge and Divine….

    Exemptions, wish that it would be a night mare that some one pinched us and we woke up from this dreadful and deadfall sleep. Wish it could be …..
    World around makes us so drastic in actions that we don’t even know that which act can be a sign of gain or loss for us.

    The extreme forces out there, they are not preachers of religion they are nonetheless the people who lack direction and spirit in their lives.

    Religion is not a flag it is a direction towards the Divine, to know His creations and HIM through his creations. Drop tagging yourselves so called names like Muslims, Christians or Jews … Drop it ….. Name yourself as a human, a being, a creation by original.

    My book is holy and impressionistic not yours………
    What we apply is actually our knowledge our learning not the book closed ranked at shelve.

    Holding a thought by revision of the sense that reports around the world over the religion extremism is nonetheless is world war which is open ended. It has no end ……..

    It has no end unless Divine force now wipes the conflict of conscience and conscious birth differences rooted in humans ……

    Excess to any extend is fatal
    Balance is sound voice to sweat hearings
    Giving is taking infact
    Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….

    Vessels getting empty pore the limitless waters
    Darkness is eating, dense the unconquerable light
    Conscience is dead, spirit the live of body again
    Consciousness the drive, route the destination as objective

    Let the desire flourish, let the garden been watered
    Let the air been cleaned, let the breath be at length
    Let the sound voice to sweat hearings now

    Giving is taking infact
    Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….

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