Science As Key Knowledge


To know things really from the soul object fundamentally, completely and totally to enhance the motive for life is called science as per my chemistry. Science is sort of knowledge that adores nature’s reality and to know the God and His Creations and the whole Universe form the beginning to onwards.

Science believes in logic. Logical and meaningful objects are the basic subject of science it has many branches of other knowledge as well that provokes its miraculous jobs more easier. Human is a being whom the curiosity of knowing is naturally culcated due to which man discovers the machines and rockets and other mechanic objects those raise him up to the level to enter in the space to foot upon the moon, to realize that solar system is the most powerful of all other systems and we have other planets they revolve around sun including our own home Earth.

To experience and to make experiments upon logic to know the things is science major concern. Now experiments always never get positive results but if wisdom works than they always respond positively. As Newton discovers the gravitation because of his natural wisdom which get help through the extrovert logic that he comes across to understand by thinking hard and concentrating upon on edge of reality.

Similarly, all the extravagant inventions by all the intellectuals are because of their concentration and logical strike over the natural resources to understand objects and observe them and than vomit to world in shape of discoveries.

Science is any case is supportive and helpful aid to Human and for Human lets observe in case of Medical Science as it prolong the basic age of Man as once only because of virus of Flu or temperature people die just because they have no defence against it. Comparatively, today this is not a problem as it can easily be controlled by the low doze of pills. Today medical science may bring the alternative options for each natural element as well, even artificially baby can generate and can be abort as well, and infact medical science is interfering more and brings causes to the nature’s laws and natural processes to fulfill Human mental egoism.

As this is law of nature, in this Universe each thing has negative and positive impacts so do the Science has as well as if we analyze Chemical Science, the bombs and explosive materials are bringing harm to our own home land earth. Man is so cruel by mind when he thinks, concentrates and indeed made the explosive materials and utilizes them for his power to be fulfilled and his dominance to be shown towards other mankind races and the other nations.

Science is actually the name of the provoked ideas about knowing the Universe and all the creations of Almighty Allah. Searching is the key element, after finding clues in mind to concentrate the upon the ides to scratch the reality and than to adopt the logical ground of proving an experiment is Science’s work.

Science is the twofold identity to know objects from introvert reality to extrovert and from extrovert to introvert realities. Unless it proves it self and visualize the proven logics. Once it be than Science stick to the proven experiments and than the practice will prove Science more wide spread and authentic.

Consequently, Science is basically the provoked or spangled idea that can seed out only on basis of proofs. One who search, find and concentrate to dig the identity of it will get advantage. Other who banishes the power though of knowledge or any other can get nothing but their own powerless egoism.

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