Seeker’s Quest


Where art thou O Saki, where art thou?
Come forth for my soul yearns for that wine,
That ruby wine tasted by the pure in paradise.

Come O Saki pour thy wine into the vessel of my soul,
Wherever thou art, I shall search and find thee,
And having found thee shall never let thee go,

Until my thirst is quenched and my being drenched
In that wine which we drank in the pre-eternal dawn,
And shall drink again in the beatific eve of our earthly life.

The spiritual wine, the pure wine mentioned in the Quran and cited so often in Sufi works, as it once the fire of Divine Love and the light of illuminative knowledge and gnosis. It is also the invocation of God’s Names.

The disciple is the vessel, into which this wine is poured once the vessel is emptied of its pungent liquid of selfish passions.

The spiritual master is therefore the Saki who pours the celestial wine into the being of the disciple. The serious seeker is in quest of the authentic Saki and does not cease his or her quest until the Saki is found.

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