Shoring Oceans ……. Salient Edges !!


Riding on the horse is a fascinating experience and it is enchanting so far that could ride on the nerves on human to tame the most faithful creature as a rider. Similar is the inspiration to fly in the air, very alluring and magical experience for sure again similar as to dive in the waters under control of nature and swim to fulfil the spiritual magnetism connected to the waters.

There is deep, unimaginable and amiable relationship and connection of human soul, human mind, and human consciousness with the waters of oceans.

Nature is kinda like mother, which soothes and nurses and nourished the creatures to the original peace and calmness in search of which one can wander around. All the alluring Nature images are the face of the charm of Nature. The charm of Nature is undoubtedly charismatic and it’s connectivity to human needs and human gravitation sources are obvious.

Nature expresses the mood through the images invent in the shape of natural signs and symbols, and they are one of the most powerful, alluring, deep, unfathomable, uncontrollable, unpredictable, unconceivable, unprocurable and untraceable in the mirror of realities, may discover as waters , as the sea, as the oceans.

Water is often used to symbolize things in literature. Water is a universal symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story. Since water is often a sign of life, many times water represents life.
Water can also be broken up into two categories: fresh water and bad/polluted water. Fresh water can represent good health, and bad water symbolizes bad health. Water can also mean purity and cleansing.

The Ocean is a sign of power and strength, dominating all other symbols of water–due to its immensity. All life was ocean-born and life still exists in the ocean; therefore the ocean represents life. Also, the ocean represents mystery.

The ocean is known for being unpredictable and uncontrollable, hard to navigate in time of storm and sometimes known for being beautifully calm; always at its own will unknowingly, unblended, unclaimed, unlaced, unwanted and unhooked …… Sometimes, the ocean is referred to a place where you leave your bad memories, melancholy, grieves, sorrows, and sadness…..

The ocean is also known to symbolize hope, truth, and in some cases, mystery of treasures, surprise and magic. The ocean is the beauty of Nature’s unknown aspects that revealing yet unveiled and mysteriously transparent yet deceptive…….

Now nothing in this universe as universal truth which is not deceptive, every and everything is deceptive, this deceptively is actually the receptivity and acceptance of the knower, of the quieter and of the louder.

The immensity and intensity of the emotions where oceans are mentioned are very abundantly profound. The oceans shoring are the most fascinating in Nature’s works, this creativity is the mist of most astounding reality.

The surfaces of the oceans and the waves over the layers have their own idiosyncrasies, the waves those abhor and absorb the gravity of life that can mould, with draw and can even has the quality to direct fanatically and abruptly the ways of fate.

The life over the surface is immense, the life under oceans are even more universal truth, the underworld of waters, their exploration, their living uniqueness is Creator’s creation of creation, creation as creation, creation over creation and creation with in creation.

This whole world full of signs and symbols are all in all, is the emblem for the crown of creation Human’s thinking and human consciousness to renown and to perpetuate in a sane way of intellectual demonstrations to explore the universe and its’ all the aspects.

Though it is not possible to gain, to enhance, to adhere, to acquaint all the aspects of Universal Truth because Nature and its all creations are limitlessly huge and immense just like oceans. As one drop fall in ocean it becomes the part if it but all the drops which make the ocean can never be countable.

Now it is the dependency or the dominance of the consciousness either be the a drop be drop in ocean to be part of ocean, or the ocean’s waters that sustained from ages, the ocean’s waves that could astounds, allures and captures or be the ocean itself.

The consciousness is though that kinda ocean where a character soaps, surfs, swims, shores, makes noises enough in shoring yet stay salient when same wave touches the edge, the shoring wave up to and until to shore lives and dies, think and invent, breathe and sound, watch and touch ………….

The personalities, though the hidden, though by appearance they are immense, few of characters are undoubtedly are very deep same as ocean. They actually camouflage their traits to be somewhat, to ought elsewhere and to wear the livery that be with the badge and batches of deception.

Serene Skies and bright blue seas and transparency of waters of oceans all in all are deceptive. The deception is so far not negative term any more as it teaches the core lessons in that way that could never be enhanced by any other means ……

The shoring oceans, salient edges, the rocks those stays still the rocks those allow fall flows to touch them and crushed their rock bodies, the blue creations, though skies, though oceans, they all have the deception, they have the immensity of soul inside and outbound reality…..

The emotions associated with such emblem (Ocean or Sea or Waters) are the best example of the intensity, immensity and the depth of expressions. Now emotions need expression because emotions with expressions are kinda like dead shells engraved under water graves of gravity where there is no door to outside.

The expressions for emotions, and emotions for expressions both are vital for the impression of the frame of picture of life though they concerns with the Nature of Universe or though it connects the living beings under the universal Truth, it’s all about the mingling of transparency of pure drops in the waters of oceans.

The magic of expressions are charmingly alluring they can hold on even the disasters of oceans be there ………Here on earth in human world it is all about to make understanding with the Nature and it’s signs one who does actually instinctively high to catch the Nature’s sounds and Nature’s unhidden melodies they remain always sweeter in their attribute …….

Here on the earth in human world, it is proof that oceans are the major aspect of life though it is mysterious as the life itself till death and even the life after death and even after that but grace of all these realities are the observance of the decent and pure hearts full of oceanary emotions and momentary expressions ……

Yet the observance and prerversence taught the ways to shoring ocean and such virtues tendencies lead to the salient edges and they have their own myth to describe own doctrine to be described to ages ………….. Shoring oceans and salient edges………

Tendency and decency of such core realities they are truly emblem as the instinctive and intensive Ecstasy and when it comes to Ecstasy then it is itself the pot of serene waters where one can mirror all the purity in the image whatever the imagination draws ……….

This life is the ground of existence and it is extensive to another life and it is important therefore it leads and connects to unseen, unhidden and unheard all existences extensively connected to each other…….

Shoring Oceans till the salient shores, till the salient edges both ways are the intense ………strangely connected though strange but even acquainted ……. Shoring oceans, salient edges.

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