‘’ World is a sound that heard by the profound ears’’

Group of people make society, different people make different societies depending on their own thinking and their mentalities. Few people have typical mentalities that led them to generate society in form of what it apparently seen or realities may hide under it. Different groups have their own ethics and manners these days due to which they have the attribute which have causes and effects to others.

Most of the people condemn each other for the different opinions that raise conflicts and contradiction. The two competitors raise the anguish and two different edges that the viewers remain salient to have decision for one. Consequently, it is just that one can decidedly or undecidedly just have form to be chosen or selective just to be counted in it.

In today’s world humans are specifically categorized in different society in order to recognize through their form of living. There are majorly three categories once upon a time.

1- Aristocratic Society

2- Middle Class

3- Lower Class

Above mentioned categories are revised in new Era as narrated


1- Aristocratic Society

(i) Elite Class      (ii) Medium Higher Class (iii) Elite Lower Class

2- Medeochors

(i) High Middle Class (ii) Medium Class    (iii) Lower Class

3- Poor Class

(i) Poor Medium Class     (ii) Poor Lower Class

By explaining these classes it’s just to make easier the way to define the group of people alive and around on the phase of earth. Elite class are those simply for whom the design of this mortal world this earth has been invented to be in the richest form. They must have every thing before them just in seconds because of the power of money for which today’s Man can kill his own blood with out any other reason.

The politicians, business men, under world and others are in the category who has their every wish in front of them for which a poor person waits for his whole life.

Medium category of group of people are the people who enjoy every thing and yet deny what they are and what they have they disgrace the people under them or lower them and in praise of the higher in position people and ought to be the same the possess so many ambiguities in the instance that they can not abolish.

The poor people remains in the same graph and wonna stays what ever they are. If they are beggars they want to be in same frame professionally just to be growing in this profession they don’t want to grow or to polish themselves for other activities of life. Once upon a time the poorer was actually poorer.

How far the life is expanding its wings the air changes it’s directs as well.So what ever be the people are they are not in with the characterization what Lord has maketh.

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