Spiritual Truth


Friends if the truth of my state ye have understood,
Here lies your path before you: follow in my footsteps,
For by Heavens, here are no doubts, no vague imaginings;
I know God, with a knowledge part secret, part proclaimed.

I drank the cup of love, and then possessed it,
And it hath become my possession for all time.

God reward him who lavished his Secret upon me,
For bounty, true bounty is to bestow the Secret,
I hid the Truth on a time, and screened It well;
And whoso keepeth God’s Secret shall have his reward.

Then when the Giver vouchsafed that I might proclaim It,
He fitted me — how I know not—-to purify souls,
And girded upon me the sword of steadfastness,
And truth and piety, and a Wine He gave me,
Which all who drink must needs be always drinking,
Even as a drunk man seeketh to be more drunk.

Thus came I to pour It—nay, it is I that press it.
Doth any other pour It in this age?

This poem contains the basic features of being a true Sufi Spiritual Master, including the ability to guard the secrets of God as well as to divulge what needs to be divulged to those ready to receive it. Sufism is sometimes called the School of Secrets (ASAR), the latter term referring to the Divine Mysteries. The function of the master is to receive those Mysteries, realize that Divine Knowledge, attain the wine and pour into each cup that is, the being disciple according to his/her capacity.

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