Split Personality – Several Role as one


Dedication to this topic here in this article is not based on the literary meanings of this term but to illustrate the original activities the people getting through of it. Dual character, split personality or the reflection of so many things in one specific personality is to some extent is psychic disorder. A women apparently be a mother to kids but inside in the dark has such idosyncraisis that proves a mother a quite different category and the same one character have no balance in herself for her spiritual personality identity and this will cause the negative impressionalistic approach to others. A person in charge has one role to be performed and simultaneously has another different role to portray that is something which raise split personality? If this will be considered than all of us to some extent have different roles in a same one life we have different relationships to be honor them in the same very instance.

Different characters as one and difference in character itself create this gap of split personality. Science has proved today that physical disorder or injuries or diseases are much lower in category than the psychological diseases. Mental diseases and disorder are much harmful and strong in caliber than any other. In early eighteen century, such cases has been vindicated and been seen for which the humanities are not known earlier, hereafter such disorders make path to the human world where humans suffers themselves and make prey of other to fall in that labyrinth. Human mind is a kind of machine in case it circuits caught plunge with each other they spark and react. So do the people and humans who have their internal balance would not maintain due their effected personalities.

Dulibility is there when the human conduct dwells in spiritualism, the difference of soul and the body yet the mix texture itself raise this split. The human mind is a strange mirror of reflection, the connection of thinking waves, and the Aura of soul rise implementation of the appearance the way mental abilities commands.

Mind is itself an awaked complete soul. Present mind works for the mechanical products, sleeping mind works for the Aura to compelling the lack of competency of mind and soul. Mind and mental abilities are the most important sources to up bring the caliber of personality and its traits.

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