Submission to Fate Forgeries


Fog, Fog and fog around, the smoke is out but the fog is in. How to explain this fog of heart, how to elaborate this smoke from ice, how to give words to this wheel that could roll and can bring all the memories ……..How could one ……. How could one can possible enhance or adhere all the mysterious of Nature and Divine deep inside to consciousness or to heart ….. How could one?

To make an acquaintance with those deepest unheard sounds, astounding unheard melodies and the surprising charms one could shake hand to the soul world through the mystically arranged accounts of Sufism ……

Correctly it is not only the elaboration of the words in such knowledge it is kinda like someone has taken the whole pot of poisonous water in different positioning of unconditional realities yet stay alive with the grieves and gravity of knowings ………

The mist of the knowings of such realities through the curtains behind the royal Truths, believing and be in that royal castles of knowing are not that easy …… But the question is there how could one possibly be there?? Yeah how one could?

Believing is something and the faith is something else, to have faith is one thing and to make a belief is another……To be in practice is something and be mystic enough to copy the copy of copy is something else. To be the noble one is one thing and to be a Sufi is another …..

The people who declare themselves the persons of practice of any religion they thought of the indoor to faith to just have the window to Believe but they actually remains blind to the images and the sceneries to the original beauty of the Divinity and Divine Love.

The achievement of Divine Love can be possible by the ways and the emotions of Sufism; the myth and the doctrine that explains the world with the deceptive alluring charm with the image of reality hidden inside.

The image and the picture always have the two edges of realities and two fold Truth that would be very rare be defined they just can adhere and be in delve to those who quest or who are blessed to the path to enhance such realities or they would enhance such emotions that could possibly enhance the Divine Love deep inside the pure heart with the intensity of pure and modest thoughts…….

The Divine Love is the form of Ecstasy where one can just fly to the dome of the highest most Royal Palace of the wonders, the seasons of delight there are the seasons of instincts and they becomes the Light of Soul in adequacy of all the directions and in every directions.

Fate is not just a book of hidden foresee knowledge but it is the sign of action for one being who been concluded in the pot of mud yet serenity awakes when the Light of soul itself touches it for the awakening.
The human who tries to conclude the practices under the circumstances that fate forgeries conduct…….

The submission to all the fate forgeries not that easy but the one who be submissive that much will get all the spiritual syrup for the rest of life.

Submission to fate forgeries is actually the acceptance to the deception with the originality and this can be done by the one who been blessed with the third eye. For the awakening of third eye the spirit should be pure so that it can produce the spiritual ballads for the rest of the world around.

The traps of fate which can be conclude as the forgeries they actually are ebullient to the worldly appearing tragedies though they are unbearable but they taught well the beings for their lessons to be in their consciousness memory for ever……

The eye of the person who is profoundly spiritual can read, learn and can interpret the fate forgeries into the actions where deception never shows the ugliness in appearances neither in reality nor beyond the hidden curtains ……

Remaining are the remainings but they even die when the existence subject to same ……such is the case with the submission to fate forgeries ………

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    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brethor out.

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