Talented People are Crazy and Crazy people are Talented ……


Well said for the skillful that they are talented enough to be called crazy. Somewhat because of their skills and intellectual moves and measures and their introvert idiosyncrasy.

Normally, there are so many scales to measure the growth and the mental intelligence of a person. Mostly, in human world, the mental source and the brain storming the most vital in caliber and preferably appreciable commonly but if a man is not much intellectual than how it would calculate further on.

The highest point of scale of learning and highest point or scale of performance must calculate. This is commonly known to the common people that talented people are intellectuals it might not true; In fact a common man can exercise to be uncommon and be famous or best in performance through exercise and practice.

The talent may calculate by the best way of thinking and selecting the way and field of performances the best way to access a person’s own commitment and his own scale of working.

The estimation of craziness of scale can measure upon the level of talent and the persons’ activities and positive attitude over the field of his performance. Introvert character can access their own standard and merit upon his talent identifications and morals of learning and contemplation level.

The positive level of understanding over the work and establishment of talent caliber can calculative with the challenge and merit achievement of persons’ own.

As target achievement must be calculative on such standard. We must not or one must not compare or contrast him/herself with any other being because each being’s living atmosphere, environment standard, merit, Fate, circumstances trials of life and contemplation of actions, scales of learning and experiences are different. So one cannot compare her/himself with another in such case he/she insult him/herself as personality and character building.

The personality and the characterization is the most vital caliber of understanding and a vivid subject to learn and to act. The difference may cause due to the caliber level but most of the people don’t want to be best in action, practice and performance.

Talented people may not compare themselves with others because they have their own caliber and the standards to be achieved. Their level of satisfaction depends on the target their internal world has been estimated for them. The outer world for them is just the scale of performance they seek and be aggressive upon their internal will and their goals to achieve.

Talented people are commonly none of the common people but even than being rare they are common they don’t consider their talent to be sold but to astonish world around they born to spark and give the saga of the mega structures.

The world’s development based on the merits of the talented people’s innovative ideas and their practices. So do the world of human well organized of the presence of talented people who are intellectually crazy for the development and for the growth collectively and for their individual identities.

Establishments and developments are talented people’s subject with open secret, as they demonstrative and amuse upon the work’s best results and orientations. The talented people are smarter enough to explore their brain storming through their highest crazy ideas and their practical contemplative.

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    It’s a relief to find sonmeoe who can explain things so well

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