The Golden Globe


Globe is not just the meaning that it contains the ATLAS and the world map or the continents details or not of the reason that it is oval or circle in shape. It is because it is one of the sign of the others Lord had made to understand the realities and the myth regarding the invention of Creator for the World.

Globe may be a word which may replaced easily for the Atlas , but it is the most important aspect of knowing the world of human or world for human where they can fight make wars, condemn each other’s and unthankful for the blessed ones and blessings. On the contrary, work hard as well and stay human to some extend as well in some proportion.

What else if the Globe may reverse as it did revolve? Interesting question to have an answer but the answers only can float to them who quest for answers. Searching answer for this may need helpful aid to know to have the favorable support of knowing history.

The Globe may not the same from the day first as it is today, it is narrated that so many sandy areas covers the ocean and so many unsoiled areas converted as soiled areas – The water travels one portion to another, glaciers melted as wax and land becomes the parts or sleep under waters.

Historical areas may convert on rest under oceans or lands one after another gulp them each other’s and such reverse or diverse activities of getting the control over one object to another reveals and hide so many truths and realities.

Selection over the topic Globe is interesting but when we come over discussion or be imaginative upon the Golden Globe it is much appreciative to have the consent upon it. Golden Globe means Ideal Globe is not the inventor or inventory, there is no doubt that errors only be in manmade world and its human created objects. The world in which we survive it is Lord made and there is no Errors- But when the merges come to the grounds because the man is being a Khalif, a Vicegerent but as the lacking of idealism in pragmatic portions may affect the Golden Globe as only Globe.

Ideal world is not much more complex or unachievable, they are real in real if believe to. In such case Golden Globe foresee the imaginative when we watch in front the ugliness of human deeds. This is the great blessings that the Lord is very Merciful, Kind and Favorable for His creations and Lord always want His creations to be faithful and loyal to the GIVEN ALMIGHTY ALLAH’S MYTH.

TO BE CONTINUED …………………………………….

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