The Line before the End….!


I was just closing my eyes half asleep when suddenly my eyes popped up and got the idea of writing this, I hate when this happens, but I have learned that when you get an idea you have to write it, it’s a thing you can’t postpone, because what I write here is not a series of words that make sentences……

What I write is what I feel and think during this exact time which is something that you can’t control, so if you missed the exact timing you will never be able to write that specific article again, or in other words it won’t be the exact thing I am writing in this page.

The idea came up as I chatting today with myself secretly thinking to write my own innovative damn good idea in a speculatively and certainly in a certain way that I fall myself impress by myself skill, and this question popped up, do we really have to work hard for a certain period of time and then start doing what we really want in this life, or shall we achieve gradually our dreams?

Will achievement after achievement drift you away from what you really want; will it create a hunger which will eat away your real dream of life, of being someone different?

Or after a long journey of hard work and when the time has come for you to really do what you’ve always wanted you would feel exhausted and wouldn’t have enough energy to carry forward? Will the achievements really act as a positive energy as you always planned?

Actually I don’t have any answers for the above, I wish I could read the future or be a historian to analyze how great people with a cause lived their lives but unfortunately I am not, but here is what I think of this, I imagine my life as a book , a book where I am the author, I control each page, each word, each sentence, sometimes things happen in this book, there are pages already written at the beginning and you will always find pages written in the middle, I know I can’t erase them but I can write what happens after them.

Following are the times when we are in the certain stages where almost everything seems to be stuck in such way that one could not understand the compositions and the transgressions of self created pains or agonies .
Comprehension of the common sense may prevails when one is able to comprehend what is actually design in life for an individual and what being an individual he gets on the track and road of life through the contexts or contents of struggle and attempts.

What if the cluttered desk is representation of cluttered mind, of what is the empty desk sense of? What if emptiness prevails in such course that even the filled entities looked so empty………..
The clutches of the cluttered mind is actually what they preserve and observe on the upper surface, what in the outer course of reality and what in fact fundamentally based inner inclinations.

Now the inclinations are what they be in practice and they are what the action of the person if they be the intentionally high and soaring so the pragmatism and the practice will be. If they are the substantial the action be so, if they be the consumer of materialism the practice may so………

    Inclinations are what Man’s action commands, inclinations are what human resistance and perseverance relevant to.…..

To kill the focus is killing the objectivity, killing objectivity is what enhancement to procrastination, adaptation of procrastination is what one designing self to be drawn in uneven lines, drawing yourself in uneven lines is being out of balance, being out of balance is be the one that demands the commands of accesses and excesses which none other than down size the intellectuality to the soil that could remains the worthless sand to be on ground without grains…..

Self is immense ocean, is an immensity of what mind, soul or consciousness bore with or without the depth of depthless, breathless and limitless identifications, reorganizations and knowingly knowing.

The immensity never be captured in the fist, it never stays, it never be limit to the boundary of any kind of thinking frames, though or no matter how much the thinking may also be immense in the sea of imagination…..

What wonders of wonder is the fact that how much one possesses the ability to be in the best of caliber to be elaborative about his or anyone’s life.

‘You are the writer of your life’,

You Are The Writer of Your Life……. R U ? Aren’t U ? What if U would be ?
It is true so far, if one could be so loyal to the self consciousness and to self conscience so that the self knowing lead to realize what and why fate and time be demonstrative upon one’s self as individual or orbiting as collectively………

Consequently, this is ironical enough as well as the Ultimate Writer, actually The One who Rules, who Controls, Who Asign, Who Commands………The Ultimate Writer infact preserve All the Rights provocal and the vital in consideration of His demonstrations yet their is always a chance to get Self part to be in the middest of stream to select few chapters to take up……………

I don’t have an eraser or a corrector , but I have my pen which is stronger than all of the above, I can decide to make a drama or a happy book or even a boring book, I can’t remove the pages already there or already written by me but I can solve it all by writing better pages afterwards.

I accept the fact there are some dozens of written pages but I know there are hundreds blank for me to write them, I make the shifts and I decide when to end the chapters but then the most important part comes which is the end of the book, you do all of the above for just one reason.

You live all your life writing this book so that the line before THE END makes sense to you, everything in the book shall contribute to this line even the smallest detail ,and this is why it is very important to write the book the way you want to read if after ……

This last line will not make any sense if it is not related to the entire book, so whether you decide to go for your dream gradually or get it at the end of the trip always remember one thing, the end must summarizes the entire book so that after reading the final line you close the book with the biggest smile on your face and say

“That’s the best book I have ever read”

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    Your answer shows real inlnetigelce.

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    I have to show my passion for your kindness in support of folks who absolutely need assistance with this idea. Your personal dedication to getting the message all around had become surprisingly valuable and has constantly permitted guys like me to reach their dreams. Your personal valuable guideline signifies this much to me and still more to my office colleagues. Thank you; from everyone of us.

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