The Lost Generation – Part I


Tear down the mosque and temple too; break all that divides
but do not break the human heart as it is there that God resides.

Where you born is not important, what is you born is important. What exactly purpose you contains for life? And how meaningful life you make for yourself or your fate bestow upon you. There is no question about life that one asks to exist, no it’s the fortune and the cosmic rule by Almighty and once He has systemize it so the universe is after it. Lord has made the groups for the people so that they can recognize each other with their particular castes and specialties.

With the passage of time this chemistry of actual relationship has been converted to the level where all the reorganization and recognizations has been demobilized. People have invented new chemistries with the passage of time that to some extend become harmful to their own similar beings. They have divided themselves and try to rule and this formula has been formulized upon so many other nations.

A person born in Asia, associated with it but no matter what the parental lead is from. In so many other countries in Europe and North America the people living there even with the mentality that they serve there and their generations born there they might have nationality for that specific country with the facilities upon which their lives depend and they will have care free live other than the third world country.

The biography of this vivid topic is far complicated to explain, as it is originated after the Second World War, when Ernest Hemingway has stated this concept so boldly. Somehow it is correct when so many people of different communities has lost their lives and their loved ones survive with or with name sake, the children who lose their parents and elders are unknown of the fact that to whom they belong. When the topic under discussion came:

We thought of the miseries of the Era or of that specific time when nations fought each other without caring that no matter how rudely and brutally they are dealing those losing humans in every corner of the world and they are not showing cruelty to this world or to any specific land or chosen people but itself to LIFE. And the slogan rose as ‘Live & Let Live’. That period was worst on the phase of earth.

But what we would call now? Even more than worst where we are having the cold war’s even in a singular being. Today’s Man is prey of indecision that what exactly he wants? The battle which begins from the smaller rank and will convert as huge on the level that no congress can control and people just tear each other into pieces no matter using the daggers, swords or bullets, tanks……………………

(Continue as part II)

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