There is No One In The house But The Master Of The House


See with eye of inwardness the inner reality of the world,
For with the outward looking eye thou canst never see the inward.
Every level of existence, all that constitutes that many levels of the universe, all the creatures from the fish in the sea to the birds of Paradise are nothing but the


This is said in spiritualism and in the Sufism that TRUTH is in knowing and understands of the DIVINITY and THE DIVINE EXISTENCE which have no face but it is wide spread every where as a spirit and the Ray of LIGHT. The Reflection of Truth is every where it is up to human mind and knowing that how come that some what to how much in the extended form Man got the knowledge of the Truth and to have the Realistic Ray of Light.

The fundamental states of reality may be summarized in many ways, as we see in different Sufi texts. In simple terms terms they can be enumerated as one, the corporeal; two the psychological and the imaginal; three the angelic and archangelic, which is also the world of the intelligences and archetypes; four, the divine Names and Qualities; and finally, five the Divine Essence. From the ontological point of view, one can speak of Beyond-Being, Being and the Logos in divinis, identified also with existentiating Principle, the ‘’WORD’’ by which things made, and finally, the realm of separative existence.

As for the spirit (al-Ruh in Arabic) it may be said to be at the border between the Divine and created orders. Each of these levels in the hierarchy is itself comprised of grades and stages, as for example the various grades of the imaginal world. Not to be confused with the illusory and the imaginary (which in the ordinary usage of the term is associated with the unreal while the imaginal world is real on its own level), and the hierarchy of the angels as well as the archangelic world, with which Christians are very familiar. But each grade of being or level of reality is finally nothing but Divine Presence. In fact, being and presence are ultimately the same as far as Sufi metaphysics is concerned. That is why one of the well known versions of Sufi cosmology speaks only of presences and going back IBN ARABI categorized all the reality in Five Divine Presences.

The Five Divine Presences, which are another way to indicate the hierarchy of being, are enumerated and described by IBN ARABI as follows;

First — Hahut, the level of Supreme Essence of the Divinity.

Second—Lahut, the level of Divine Names and Qualities and Being as ontological principal of creation; this level contains the uncreated logos or intellect.

Third —- Jabroot, the arch angelic level and the higher Paradisal worlds as well as the created logos.

Forth— Malqkut, the subtle domain and the imaginal world standing immediately above this world but stretching to the Paradisal realm.

Fifth—-Nasut or Mulk, which corresponds to the humans to the human material and terrestrial world.

Keeping and having such Divine identities in Sufism there was the rare concept that Master himself is every where, in each essence there is Divine Holy Essence. Divinity is the most complicated communication in human and humanly affairs but Sufism is the delve of that reality or to achieve the Realistic approach where once can get the Light of Truth and Divine Essence.

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