Time; the Substantial Existence…..


I have invited time to deliver the best interview that time can deliver the best based on truth that what had happened on that very day on the phase of earth that one messenger of humanity upon the right direction of humanity and of noble cause had been assassinated……..Who done the efforts, the ultimate effort the hardcore to be on the righteous path

Time as character can portray the better picturesque along with grotesque style with the alive depiction of happenings. Time is a rare character of knowing and the knowing on the phase of earth it has been originate the day of existence for the specific place for the identification and for zonal divisions.

It is correct that time is the worst enemy of those who don’t consider its importance to avail it for their rights to be implemented but it is the best in teachings and provides the experiences that would enhance the human energies derive and incline to do efforts for the desirable results.

Time is friend to those who are consistent and persistent to their efforts and their lines to follow. Now a day Time is every character because each person has only worth for money and for earning it but time is worthy for every human being to cost the worldly life.

The reasoning for such materialistic time counting attitude is human need to attain the unlimited longings for only this worldly place where time is spaced and conquers those who tape its footsteps. Time makes history; it conquers the weakest and keeps in flow the human’s strength towards their existential and substantial reality which means to quest the hidden areas of living and life’s meaning and purpose.

For sure, somewhere the time may blocked or locked for few reasons that one could realize and meditate the human existence reasoning for that but most probably the time is in a frame of clock that revolves and turn its cards over human fate and human conscious acts.

As this world is full of wonders and mysteries, time would be considered as one of those though it’s driven actions of emotions are the most powerful and convincing. We as humans can’t wave against the flow of Time and Era, none of the power in existence can mould it but Almighty who has invented and created it.

More or less this is not only contemporary thoughts of all times and ages that man linger and fast forward sometimes his own conscious and unconscious towards the ambiguities and realities of time and sometimes get so slower that time pace fast against the common speed to catch.

The parallel, balance and equilibrium among all the realities should bring out the positive responses towards the life and certainly nothing last forever so does same case with Time it is also the part of remembrance, the part of imagination and the part of substantial breathing existing sequences. The flow goes on for us we ourselves stay, make a chance to glance upon the outlets of realities and adopt the certain ways of actions. That’s true that man can do efforts but efforts are also in bound to the rope of hope of Fate ……………

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